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Shake Shack.

Only at a diabetes conference can you connect with a fellow DOC'er (hi, Bennet!!) and go here:

Shake Shack for the win

And eat this:

Yes, I eat a burger with a knife and fork.  Don't judge.

And still end up with this:

Holy post-prandial, Batman! 

This year's Scientific Sessions worked me over both in information overload and lots of walking.  (I think my total daily dose for the last week has been almost entirely basal.)  But I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned ... and I'm also considering petitioning for Shake Shack to bring its tasty little self up to Providence.


I told ya - Shake Shack just opened here - don't you just adore it? So sad I wasn't there with you guys. You + Bennet + me = laughing.

YUM! That looks so tasty! :) No shake? Great, now I want a shake. :)

What a lovely post-prandial! May I have it? Post-prandial highs have been my friend lately...

It is a Shake Shack miracle. I told you it was a religious experience, or maybe you told me, either way I think you are on your way to burger joint canonization. I'll be able to say I was there when St Kerri of Rittenhouse Square preformed a BG miracle.

On a normal basis, around 9:00 - 10:00am I run from 150-190mg/dl. My appointments with my Endocrinologist are always scheduled for 9:00am. Every time I have an appointment, my levels read at 115mg/dl. I can't help but feel I should move in sometimes!

I take my oen bread with me to fast food joints. Seven grain bread by Pepperidge Farm, or oatmeal bread by Country Kitchen, only 8 carbs per slice. I ask the folks to put the tasty filling on my bread. that makes my meal very low carb. I also take my bread to the county fairs in Aug and Sept. I love the London Broil, Philly Cheese Steak, and Pepper+Sausage+Onion sandwiches there.

There is one in Westport!!! Pete and I haven't sampled it yet . . . . but next time you are in Connecticut I think we need to go!

One time Karen, Allison, Caroline and I met up for ice cream for breakfast at Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC. :) I love my DOC folks. :D

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