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I'm heading down to the Children with Diabetes "Friends for Life" conference today, to spend the week amongst a bunch of green bracelets and the orange bracelets who love them.   I love this conference.  I wish it had existed when I was a kid, but I'm just as happy to reap the psychosocial benefits now that I'm a grown-up (ish). 

It makes me feel like I'm 100 mg/dL all day long.  :)


Have fun!! I wish I'd known about it sooner than I did so I could have gone - but like I just told you on Twitter ;) I hope to make it a family vacation next year!! This year I'll have to live vicariously through all of my DOC friends. :) (Speaking of bracelets - I want one of Kim's !!!)

I've tried to explain to people w/o D how it feels to be 100mg/dl... but only PWDs really get it :)

Lucky you! I was able to attend a few years ago, and it was an amazing and beautifully organized event. As a person in her 50's who has had Type I for close to 40 years, I must say I could never have dreamed of such an event back in the 70's. Have fun!

I'll keep my eyes out for you!!!

(And, yes, my daughter just had her retinal eye exam so I have eyes on the brain at the moment!)

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