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Diabetes Typos.

When I go to write this:


I always, and mistakenly, write this:

A-NI-MAL!!!  (See also:  Woman! Woman!)

(Close, but no cigar.  Also:  "BOLUS! BOLUS!")

 And when I go to write this:

PUMP.  Say it with me:  Insulin PUMP.

I somehow manage to eek this out instead:

Pimp.  Holla.

And I thought diabetes typos were only limited to the bolus/blouse conundrum.  


LOL. That would be the best selling pump skin evah!

I've "pimp"ed it a few times mysef... I feel Bolus is a total auto correct issue though.

People expect it from me because I can't spell anyways :) Whatch gonna do???

Love it.

Smartphones could use a bit of diabetes education :)

The pimp gets me every time!! Darn you auto correct!

Yup, I not only have diabetes typos, but I have knitter typos too. Yard is always first typed Yarn, and Sucks is always Socks (hand-knit ones, of course).

Hilarious! Thanks for the zany smiles . . . it's what gets me through T1d! Now that Charlo has a cell phone and can text her JDRF T1d pen pals (she's yet to meet another kid with T1d), I bet I'll start getting questions about what a pimp is! Holey moley.

Wordpress once auto-corrected "humalog" to Homolog. I like that one.

The number of people who take blouses is pretty impressive too ;)

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