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Happy 4th of July!

Celebrating the 4th in Orlando with a bunch of busted pancreases? 

Don't mind if I do.


Happy 4rth !!!!
Have a blast !!!!!!........=)

That's the best way to spend July 4th!! I don't think I would have it any other way!

That's where I live! :)

Happy Fourth of July, Kerri! Everyone looks super happy.

CWD is a wonderful organization, and Friends for Life really rocks! I experienced it myself in 2010. Just remember that PWDs have only one bad component in their pancreases: dead beta cells. If the entire pancreas didn't work, we'd be in even more trouble! (Be thankful for small blessings!)

What do you call a "bunch of busted pancreases"? A bunch of geese are a flock, a bunch of cows is a herd, a bunch of cats is a clowder...

Hmmmm... we need a new word to add to "Diabetes Terms of Endearment".

Any great ideas?

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