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Insulin Haiku.

Insulin:  It's what's for dinner.

Such a small bottle
with such a huge influence
on my whole damn life. 


The source of my undoing...

Insulin bottles
Same size, similar color
Apidra, Lantus?

And when it spoils and goes bad... how sad, mad, and sick just a tad, it makes this lad.


Thirty unit drops
Size of a dime, so tiny
Bring my whole grand life

Seventeen years now
Wake up, Lantus at seven
Time to reorder

life saving liquid
why must you smell so yucky?
would you like a mint

Bane of existence
Life affirming sustenance
Darn carbohydrates

My eyes closed tightly
in a forest of Band-Aids
your scent transports me.

You people are smart;
counting to seven so well.

Semi-colon use and household appliance reference? Sara(aah) for the WIN.

And this is why for 54 years I've felt indebted to Eli Lilly for saving my life.

bottled insulin
life sustaining miracle
ups & downs, no cure

It keeps us going
But a misstep can kill us -
Need a real cure now!

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