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Gangnam Style.

Blood sugar of 60 mg/dL before bed, with a steady Dexcom arrow?  Just needed a touch of sugar to keep me steady through the night?

Hook 'em?  Hupp 'em?  Huppen?  I cannot figure this out.

I treated that low Gangnam Style. 

(Thanks to Bigfoot for the cookie.)


ha ha ha!
i'm sharing this on the Eye Cookies page.


This made me laugh.

heeeeeeeyyyy, sexy lady!

Fitting somehow for it to come to that end #ohGodnotthatsongagain

Haha! And DUDE! I'm so impressed by that cookie!

This just made me so happy. Best possible way to treat lows!!

This was my mental image as I devoured a half-tin of butter cookies last night at 3:30a to treat a low... sure, they didn't have heads or bodies. But that's what was in my mind. Thanks, Kerri, for the laugh. (sorry about the Low, though!)

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