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Dexcom G4: Finally, a Case.

When Donna from Tallygear reached out a few weeks ago and offered to send one of her Dexcom G4 cases for me to try out, I was all about it because I almost drop the receiver onto the tile bathroom floor, the hardwoods in the living room, the icy driveway, and the concrete sidewalks going into the gym at least once a day ... for all of these surfaces.  I'm not very graceful, and when you add gloves to the mix (necessary in this arctic weather that my daughter accurately described as "a snowman's breath"), I'll fumble even my most precious of possessions.  (Note:  Birdy holds hands with me and walks on her own.  She's safe.)

The Dexcom G4 system is more accurate than the previous iteration, but it's definitely not sturdier.  Or at least I'm afraid to find out just how delicate the receiver is.  The old system was a big, fat egg and its round edges (and convenient silicone protector) made it seem more like a softball than an iPod.  But this new receiver - sleeker and sexier and far more the modern day device - also seems more breakable.  The big screen, the flat edges, the lack of a protective case.  (Okay, the new receiver does have a protective case, but it's about as bulky as smuggling a fistful of those Keurig coffee cup things underneath your shirt. Not streamlined in the slightest, and also, I don't wear a utility belt during the course of my day job so clipping it to something is a pipe dream.) 

Which is why I was excited to try the Tallygear case for the G4.  I was using this:

Here is my scratched up dining room table.  In other news, I need to dust.

... and it worked fine only it was bigger than it needed to be and I couldn't see the Dexcom graph unless I took the receiver out of the pouch.  Now I'm using these:


... and it's a nice, tight fit around the receiver, gives it a bit of extra cushion in case it falls (or if I happen to throw it if it BEEEEEP!s to tell me I'm high in the middle of the night and then tells me again, every fifteen minutes, for good measure), and I can see the graph through the plastic window screen (and I can also press the button through that screen).  While I'm still longing for the silicone case that wrapped tightly around my old Dexcom egg receiver, this Tallygear case is an excellent interim.  

The little clippy things that I can use to clip the case to the inside of my purse, to my belt loop, around my wrist, etc. are also very useful.  It also has a loop on the back of the case if you want to toss this thing onto your utility belt, Batman.   

You can purchase this on the Tallygear website for $18.95, and there are a ton of different color options.  You don't have to be as boring as me and go for basic black (I'm calling it "Darth") or purple (Grape Ape?).  The bright yellow is pretty badass.  And if you use the "DexG4" coupon code, you'll get 10% off your order.  

[Disclosure:  I received this case for free, I didn't promise to write a review, but I decided to anyway because I have been itching to find a G4 case that I like, and this is a good start. So I wanted to share.  I need to protect that receiver from my klutziness.]


Finally! I've been looking for a case for my new Dexy to replace that awful leathery one that came with it. Ordering one right now. Thanks for sharing!

I actually don't mind the included G4 case, never wear it though. But it lies on my desk at work, or on a table at home or in my purse otherwise. It monitors wherever I am. LOVE THAT!!! But, I hated the egg's size, its case, although the gel was ok, and that it had so little range, I had to carry that huge thing on me all the time. Love the freedom with the G4!!!

I have to agree. She sent me one to try too and I love it! I love to clip the loop-clip thingy to my sleep pants at night so I don't lose it.

Oh my gosh! So many choices! Thanks for sharing, these covers seem like they will be perfect.

That looks so cute! I'm hoping to get the Dexcom G4 now that it's the new year and we have money again in our FSA, so this is something I'll definitely keep in mind. The purple looks really pretty.

AWESOME! The one that came with the new Dex is so poorly designed.

I ordered one the first day that they took orders, it's great. You don't have to unsnap anything to see the screen. The clip and lanyard will make it that I can just hang it around my neck under a t-shirt. when WINTER ends.

I love this case! Hated the Dexcom-issued case due to the potential for Dex escaping from said case being too high... This one feels nicely secure, and is very low profile. Yay.

Thanks for sharing. Just ordered mine. Now I won't sweat dropping this thing. Hurray for all the colors and patterns!

Hi Kerri,
Thanks for the review. One of my first questions for any diabetic tools are: What can I do to prevent the unit from "breaking" and how can I get a replacement when the unit stops working. I am on my third pump and have always used a "holster". Better safe than sorry. AS always have a great day.

YAY! Thanks for sharing, I had not checked to see if anyone made a case yet, and that belt case that came w/ it was pulling my son's pants down! :-). I have already ordered!!

Love it. I just bought a small spibelt for my daughter. She has the G4, but her pump is in the mail. Even though the G4 has better range, I usually have her wear it so she doesn't lose it and it goes where she goes (at least at school that is). I am going to order one of these to use on her spibelt. The pump can go on in the spibelt pouch and the G4 in this on the belt. :) Thanks!!

Oh, and I miss the silicone skin too. I would keep a little card that states this is a medical device with a contact number in case she loses it. Need it even more with the G4 because it looks like an ipod so someone who finds it might be inclined to keep it if they don't realize it is a medical device. Though I do keep it in the pouch she uses, but it can easily fall out.

We love our tallygear tummietote for DD's pump; she doesn't CGM yet. Great company to work with; I highly recommend their products. Even DD's endo was impressed this week with the clear window on her pump pouch.

I just ordered one of these DexG4 cases and I'm hoping it will be better than the case that came with the system. I tried using the 'coupon' mentioned but received an onscreen message that said it was 'invalid'. :(

Is there any intel into whether or not Dexcom will be offering skins for the G4? I have mine, but haven't started it yet, as I still have seven sensors to use up. I mean, c'mon Dexcom, skins are where it's at! If they made them for the seven, I don't see why they haven't yet for the G4? I would gladly by another 4 pack :)

I purchased one from shapeways.com and it is more like a phone case. I really didn't want something bulky, silicone, or with a lanyard. The old dexcom silicone cover made it hard to get out of my pocket. The one I purchased is called the Brixometer Case. I will let you know if I like it. Plus it is only $14.15.

I have found the BEST rubber skin/case for the G4....the INIT silicon skin for Insignia MP3 player...search it on amazon...fits like a glove...open window, thin and protective!

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