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Inconvenience Overload.

The theme from Top Gun rang out from my hip as I brushed my teeth, in that giant-piano-on-the-floor-from-the-movie-Big sort of way. 



"Stupid thing just needed a battery ... I need to call Animas about this ... grumble, grumble, ..." reaching for my meter case to grab the quarter and backup battery I keep in there.

"BEEEEEEEEEP!" wailed the Dexcom, the screen awash with red letters signaling a low blood sugar.

"Oh come on, you too?!"

I put the battery back into the meter case and retrieved the meter instead.  Low confirmed at 54 mg/dL.  I went downstairs into our kitchen to grab a sip of juice and half of a banana.  The pump alarmed again, urging me to change the battery.

"Shut up, you."

After finishing my late night hypoglycemic snack, I went upstairs to change the pump battery.  And then I had to brush my teeth to get rid of that "who loves plaque!" feeling from my mouth.  And then I checked the Dexcom again, which was still hypo alarming.

"Are you okay?" asked Chris from the bed, mostly asleep (since it was 1:00 am and we should have been asleep hours ago but Breaking Bad is such a good show and we might be addicted to watching previous seasons on Netflix.)

"No-sleep, pump-battery, low-blood-sugar, brush-teeth bullshit," I said in a flurry of frustration as I tucked underneath the comforter.


"... diabetes."

Sometimes it's a full day of tending to the type 1 tedium, and other times I hit the diabetes inconvenience overload in a span of five minutes.


When it rains it pours, doesn't it? When I used the Ping I went through batteries every 3 weeks it seemed. And at times it didn't even give me any warning - just went from like half life to you need to change the battery now I'm shutting myself off life. So annoying.

A post after my own heart! When I went home for Christmas, I had just gotten my first Dexcom sensor, a new iPhone (with my work email on it) and was carrying my Omnipod PDM with a few bolus reminders programmed. After only few hours, my mother said, "MY GOD! You can't go five minutes without something beeping at you!" Thanks, Mom, I was completely unaware. At least some days are quieter than others.

PS-I have my own Breaking Bad addiction. It's definitely caused me plenty of missed bedtimes. :)

I had a similar battery problem once with a loaner minimed pump that I had to switch to while I was overseas. I had to replace my pump battery every few hours to every day or so. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I finally noticed that the inside of the battery cap (where it connects to the battery) looked dirty (i think the metal may have been oxidized). I ended up switching the battery cap with my old pump, and it fixed the problem. Maybe it's something as simple as that?

I know exactly how this goes. This morning I had a low blood sugar, then swim practice. During practice my muscles felt way more fatigued than normal. Come back to the dorm room and OF COURSE blood sugar is like 318!!

It's tough sometimes... I've got a couple articles about my own experiences with diabetes and athletics at http://www.bodyathleticsblog.com

I just LOVE how when the Animas battery is low it can't do ANYTHING else without reminding you of that fact. I bet it would last longer with just a couple less alarms.

I love the juice and half a banana low snack during the night- I frequently have the same snack. A whole banana is just too much carb!

Oh I love how you put this! And it seems to time like that far too often and trying to wrangle Mr 6 (my PWD) to stay still for said hypo...challenging - cos that'll be the hypo he's too busy doing life to stop before he crashes!

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