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Articles Forbidden!

I received an email from Krista, one of my oldest friends in the world (not that she's old, but she's one of the people I've known the longest), and the attached file made me laugh out loud.  Her email said, "I found this list in an old (as in published in 1924, and stuffed with articles clipped from various magazines from the 30s and 40s) cookbook that I got from a friend when she cleaned out an old relative's house ... anyway, thought you'd appreciate it."

Oh, I did.

This list is an old-school "diabetic diet" list, and the contents read as follows:

Foods Allowed: 
Soups and broths not thickened with flour
Meats, fresh, smoked and cured, except liver, without flour gravy
Eggs in any way without flour
Fish, all kinds except scallops, clams and oysters
Fats, butter, olive oil, etc.
Cheese, all kinds.
Vegetables and salads, asparagus, beet greens, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, celery, pumpkin, radishes, spinach, string beans, tomatoes
Sour pickles, ripe olives
Cream, not over 3 oz a day
Desserts, jellies, etc. sweetened with saccharin
Tea and coffee sweetened with saccharin and with small amount of cream
Whiskey, brandy, rums up to 3 oz a day
Lemonade sweetened with saccharin

Articles Forbidden:
Sugar and sweets
Pastry, puddings, preserves, cake and ice cream
Bread, biscuit, toast, crackers, griddle cakes
Cereals, except oatmeal in small amounts
Macaroni, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, beans, peas, corn, turnip
Fruit of all kinds
Alcoholic beverages, except as above

It's not so much that the list of actual foods is ridiculous, but what kills me is the fact that the second half of the list is deemed "FORBIDDEN ARTICLES!"  No wonder people with diabetes can have such a strange and confusing relationship with food.  Even now, food for me is not always simply food, but becomes a combination of medicine, guilt, sustenance, and math. 

Thank goodness for whiskey? 


... and nuts.

this is really interesting, esp given the date! I wonder, if it is 1924 exactly then insulin had been available in most states for nearly a year, but thats all. Any earlier and this diet (and it does look like a "ketogenic diet" with very few carbs! which would fit - ie not a totally random list really just looks like it) would have been the diabetes "treatment" in full - just gives you maybe a couple extra months before you die :( there are some awful pics in medical literature of children they tried to keep alive purely on this diet because they didn't have insulin available
Yay for insulin!

Whiskey, but no wine? :(

sour pickles, ripe olives, and brandy.

Looks like I'm doing everything right ;)

The word "can't" makes me feel so stinking stubborn. A wise-cracking cousin of mine made a reference to eating chocolate in front of me because he was under the impression that I couldn't eat sweets. Felt like eating a whole chocolate cake right then.

Even today diabetes is given the power to define "foods allowed / forbidden" and that is potentially harmful.

Eating is often much more than nutrition. It is all wrapped up in emotions.

Natalie share a nice little cartoon (Graphic Blog?) about progression of diabetes eating disorders on the Odd Duck Out.

Thanks for talking about diabetes and the strange and confusing relationship with food

See, funny thing is, the forbidden food list contains turnips, which I love and seem great on my bloodsugar. I therefore declare the list bullstop. :)

I have no idea when this paper was actually printed (or most of the things folded in there), but I found a few birth announcements from the 30s, and the book itself had a publish date of 1924.

But I actually did laugh out loud (a resounding HAH! since I had been a bit educated on di-a-bee-tuhs by Kerri at a young age) when I came across this gem, and immediately knew I had to pass it on.

NO FRUIT! NO CARROTS! but go to town on that cheese and delicious, delicious saccharin...

at least a Tomato was still a vegetable back then, otherwise it would be forbidden.

Based on my interpretation this means I can eat as much bacon, cheese, and bourbon as I please. No complaints here!

I have seen these lists too. I find it funny that whiskey is allowed but healthy things like beans, turnips and fruits are not?!

Wait a minute... weren't whiskey and brandy against the law back in 1924? So no fruit, but it's okay to be a rebel and see the bootlegger. I like it.

It's the amount of rum that makes me laugh. 3oz.? That's a swig from a hip flask.

call me crazy but i expected to see an article written without articles (like the, an, a, etc.). but yay for whiskey, eh?

Wow - they were very specific about "ripe olives". What happens if we ate an olive that wasn't quite ripe? Immediate HI on meters?


can't wait to try it out

This list could almost make Dr. Bernstein happy except that I don't think he's big on whiskey and brandy. I knew there was a reason I couldn't be a faithful follower.

Why Diabetics are tougher than others - allowed to take a 3oz shots a day but chasers are FORBIDDEN

Clearly, whiskey is on the 'allowed' list only because the listmakers were somewhat sympathetic and Diet Coke hadn't been invented yet.

Eggs in any way without flour?? Does that mean cake?

No dear, you can't have that cookie, but can I get you a stiff whiskey?

Wow. This makes me grateful for my insulin pump. I think I am going to eat a slice of cake in celebration. Wow. Just... Wow.

i love that macaroni is lumped together with turnips.

am I to take it that I am the only one still using this list as diabetic Gospel? How do you people live?!?!? What is this newfangled insulin you whippersnappers speak of?

do people usually mix flour with their eggs? that seems kind of silly. i mean unless you were baking, you don't mix flour in a omelet...

Yes, I do mix a little bit of flour and milk with my eggs to scramble....makes them fluffy. Mmmmm...heading to the kitchen now!!! lol

One of our forever family funnies is when we accused my eldest son, then 12 years old that he was not at all involved with his 8 yr old sister's diabetes. His response: "There are no carbs in cheese!" We think it would be a great book title.

And Dr. Bernstein has the gall to say that he invented the low carb diabetes diet.

Mmmmmm now I want to try some milk and flour in my eggs! And wash it down with a little red wine. We have come a long way.

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