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To my BirdFriend,

It wasn't until we were halfway through our drive home from your "school" that I realized you had been dominating most of the conversation. 

"We played in the play house and I waited my turn but Jackson didn't wait his turn so he had Miss Emily tell him 'no!' and I waited my turn but then when he took to long I just went by him and then went to the reading center and read a book - have you ever read a book about a bear, mama?  I did that today and it was a brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?  I see a brown bear looking at me!"

You do not even take a break between sentences, not even the most minimal of pauses.  It's as though you've finally figured out how to express the thoughts in your brain and you have so much time to make up for. Like almost three whole years.

"Remember when I was a little baby?  And I slept in a crib?"  [Note:  You still sleep in your crib, only it's been transformed into a toddler bed. Don't get too far ahead of yourself, Birdy.]  "And I cried and you would come in and sing me a lullaby?"

I still sing you lullabies, my friend, only now you sing them back to me.  After your daddy or I sing you our mangled version of "Lullaby, and good night, go to sleep little baby, lullaby and good night, go to sleep, my love," and rub your back, you have taken to sitting up and saying, "Okay, now I sing to you."  And you pet my arm absently while singing to "your whittle mommy."

Because your speech, despite all the words you know and the phrases you can turn, is slightly affected by the W's subbed in for R's and L's, and occasionally we get a rogue R where an L should be.  Which makes "love" into "wuv."  And the names of your classmates into something different than their parents originally intended:  Owivia, Wowa, Wyan, and Wexi.  Your favorite song these days is "Yewwow Submaween."

And after banging your hands on the piano keys for a few minutes: "Mommy, do you want to crap for me?"

"Sure, sweetie.  Daddy and I will both ... crap for you."

You helped make me a birthday cake for my birthday last week.  It tasted strange, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I wuv you.

You've also started to call us "mom" and "dad," instead of the "mommy and daddy" versions you held tight to for months.  "Bye mom ... wuv you!" is what you yell to me from the front steps when you and your dad leave for school in the morning.  Or when you ask, "Dad, can I have some M&M&M&Ms?"  (So many "and m's.")  Even though your voice is still a dozen octaves higher than the normal human being, this language shift is making you sound older.  

And sometimes you straight-up channel Han Solo, by answering my "I love you!" with, "I know."

I love the way you talk.  I love this window into what you're thinking, and it makes me smirk to hear grown-up sentiments like, "We should replace that light bulb so I don't trip and fall and crack my head" coming out of your mouth.  (Clearly you have a strong grasp of how uncoordinated your mama is.)  I wanted to know what you were thinking for the longest time, and now that I have an inkling, I just want to know more.

The things you say cwap me up.   I wuv you endwesswy. 

Your Mommy


This pearl of wisdom from: BSparl by DUMMIES, "Write all the great stuff they say down." We forgot, share it with the rest of us. Thanks for picking up on that second part.

Adorwable! :)

To the Hans Solo comment, my 4 year old godson & I had this conversation:
Me: I love you.
Him: I love you too.
Me: I think you're wonderful.
Him: I know.

She just gets more and more beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing her and her milestones with us!

Came to your site long ago for the diabetes info but the "Bird Letters" is some of your best stuff. I've kept random funny notes about my daughter and later, my grandsons. The kids love to read that stuff now. Your daughter will treasure these letters in the years to come. Speaking or R's and W's and L's: I still tell my litte pug dog "wuv you thowwie" (love you Thorrie) because that's how my grandson taught me to say it.

simpwee pweacious !

Trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Birdy is now older than Benny was when he was dx'd. Which is when I found you. Before you had a baby. Who is now a beautiful little girl!

You know every time I see that your post is one of the number ones, I automatically grab a tissue. Thank you for sharing your darling Bird with us. I love every single word you share.

Funny thing. My brother had a few mixed up letters at that age too. Only for him it was B's, D's, & T's. Even at 7, I had a hard time not laughing when he warned our grandfather not to drive into the ditch. And it wasn't the T he started that word with. ;)

I weally, weally need to meet this giwl someday. She is incwedible! (and I'm still laughing about the whole crap conversation)

I love your updates on your beautiful daughter! They are so well written - I can see the whole thing! She is super adorable, too. I was just missing that stage today. My little toddler son will be 18 this summer! Even though it's incredible to see the people they grow up into, I wish I could have that toddler back, just for a moment. So glad you're capturing it!

I had trouble with Ls for quite a while. "Now I way me down to sweep."

With kids names these days, are you sure that's not what their parents named them?

Not obsessed with body parts yet. My little "Cakes" turned 3 in December and it is all about body parts she saw papa in his underpants and exclaimed "Papa why you have a fat cha-cha?"

yow chocowat bwonies wook dewicious !

I concur with Ria :].

I love hearing more and more about her as the months go on and she grows--and grows and grows :] (like m&m&m&ms :)).

Love, love, LOVE the Han Solo comment :)

Happy 34th, Birdy! What a surprise that you're such a storyteller with a "mom" and "dad" like yours!

i once timed my son and he clocked in at 40 minutes non-stop. "look at that fence. why are fences white? i wonder who decided that ..." Now, he's 14 and geographically obsessed. "What do you know about the Iberian Penninsula?" Love Love Love watching the brain work!

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