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That'll Do It.

Frigging vampire cannula ...

I vant to suck the life out of you!!

... that'll explain a 200 mg/dL that was seemingly unbudgable.

Nothing a little site change won't fit. 

And to that end, I had someone ask me about how I handled the diabetes-related sharps while traveling.  I do a carry-in/carry-out method, where everything I travel with - lancets, infusion sets, needle tips, etc - comes home with me and I dispose of it in our sharps container at home.  I think the only exception would be test strips, because I leave an accidental trail of those everywhere I go.  How do you handle sharps while traveling? Or vampires, for that matter? 


Hmm. Is it bad that I don't do carry-in/carry-out? I throw everything in the trash, or, if available, I sometimes throw test strips into the receptacles in public restrooms that are supposed to be for pads and tampons. I don't switch my lancet very often so never have to dispose of those while traveling. I can't remember the last time I used a syringe. I use pump insertion sets that self-cover the insertion needle after you remove it, so those are always covered. The one exception is the piece of the reservoir thingy that attaches to the insulin bottle. The needle on the end of that is protected, but still technically exposed. I usually wrap those in a wad of toilet paper or kleenex, stuff it back inside its packaging, stuff that inside the pump set box, and throw it all out together. Hmm.

The eye makeup remover wipes I use come in small plastic tubes with screw-on lids - I save those to use for sharps while traveling. Super convenient (and free)! I tape 'em shut and throw them in the regular trash when I get home.

I'm an "all things diabetes" horder when I travel!
For diabetes on the road, I use a 'larger' small sized empty vitamin bottle for my d sharps & have written the words: TRAVEL SHARPS - USED MEDICAL SUPPLIES in Sharpie all over the bottle! The bottle barely takes up any room in my checked luggage and so far, TSA hasn't confiscated it. http://diabetesaliciousness.blogspot.com/2011/03/diabetes-makes-me-feel-like-perpetual.html

I take a giant zip lock bag on trips and bring it all home too :)

I also carry-in, carry-out with sharps while traveling with the exception of visiting my in-laws who have a sharps container.

I keep a "snack-size" Ziploc in my d-bag for used test strips. Whenever I can't throw them away in a trash can, I pop them in the bag and empty at home.

If I'm gone for a couple of days, I'll use a couple of old strips containers. If I'm going away for, say, a week or more, I'll usually bring my spare sharps container with me. That way, I don't have to fight with the lancets to get out of the strips container and into the sharps container when I get home...because it's a lot of stuff otherwise.

I bring my sharps home, too. In recent years I've seen sharps containers in a few airport bathrooms and other public places, so I suppose I'd use those if I happened to be doing a site change when I was there, but it hasn't happened that way yet.

And as far as handling vampires, that would depend on the vampire hotness scale ;)

I tend to do the same "leave no trace" theory but will throw empty bottles, pump tubing, and anything that hasn't been in direct contact with me or doesn't have a needle right in the trash. I also make sure that I have double the infusion sets, back up insulin and syringes with me when I travel just in case my pump goes on the lam.

An old drinks bottle with a screw top lid or a yoghurt pot with lid make great 'on the go' sharps containers! Vampires - lots of garlic!!

when travelling, we usually use an empty plastic juice bottle to temporarily store our sharps, and then when we get home, we empty that into our regular sharps container.

Ugh, I too traveled with a vampire cannula this week.

I carry in/carry out, but most airport bathrooms have sharps containers on the wall so I like to empty out my stash there when I can.

I do the same.. carry in/carry out. My lancets I add to the little pouch in my meter case..also where I (try) to store used strips. Everything else, goes in a spare make-up bag that gets emptied at home.

Vampires? Garlic.. always the garlic.

Son uses syringes and insulin pens (so, pen needles). Sharps and test strips are placed in one of those smaller size Oxyclean jars that are a thick plastic with a screw-on lid. When we get home, we place the entire jar, sealed, into the trash. No way a sharp can penetrate that thing.

I use the same method as Amanda--an old drink bottle with a lid. I use a thick one, like a gatorade bottle. Lid goes on, and bottle gets disposed of, just like a sharps container, and no one gets poked.

I hate vampires. I still don't know what to do about them--but I have noticed that they tend to show up when I use more muscley sites, like my thighs. I'm a runner, and for some reason, some spots on my legs just don't like cannulas.

Love the vitamin bottle idea... I like to use a quart-sized plastic bag. The kind with a zipper on it.

Some hotels will offer sharps-containers (at no charge) if you ask. I've done that a few times. It saves the fear (or possible poetic justice) of an airport screener rummaging through your stuff and getting poked with a used inserter needle.

Why is it that vampire cannulas always keep blood sugars stable? They don't get lower with any amount of bolus, but don't go higher either? Hmm...

Sharps during travel is a tricky thing, isn't it? Haven't found a way I like, though there are lots of good suggestions here.

I like those little BD syringe needle clippers, but am not sure they can handle my large Cozmo reservoir needles. I should buy one and try it, just to see.

The most common place I go for vacation (just a regular resort) actually has a sharps container in the room. Don't think it was put there for me either, based upon the way it is mounted

I carry in/carry out as well. In baggies. Once at a hotel I found a nice typed letter from housekeeping to call the front desk. Apparently the housekeeping person freaked out seeing syringes on the counter (I break the needle, plunge and recap). I guess they they thought I was using drugs. I called and explained. I should post the letter somewhere.

Same as you, carry in/carry out. I use a meter bag made by stickmedesigns, and they have zipper pockets in them that I use. Sometimes I use an empty strip bottle for lancets.

I'm a carry in/carry out girl also. Is it terrible I put the old stuff in the new packaging, and then put that back in my bag in a certain pocket? I used to toss the tubing for my pump in the trash right up to the point where my work had a conversation with me. They didn't like that (not that they pick up my trash or anything). Now I trash them at home also.

I carry with me a needle clipper. Also have a small portable sharps container.

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