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Here. A Big, Ol' Glass of ...

Here.  This'll cure what ails you.Overheard ... mostly:

  • “My grandmother had both her legs amputated as a result of diabetes.”
  • “A kid I went to high school with had diabetes but he didn’t take care of himself.  He is blind now, but he brought it on himself.”
  • “Didn’t they cure it in mice?”
  • “Did you eat a lot of sugar as a kid?”
  • “I read that you can reverse diabetes with acupuncture.  Have you tried that?”
  • “I read about a chocolate shake that cures diabetes.  Have you tried that?”
  • “I read about an herbal supplement that cures diabetes.  Have you tried that?”
  • “I read that going vegan/gluten-free/paleo/Atkins/low-sodium/raw foods/candy canes only cures diabetes.  Have you tried that?”
  • “At least it’s not [insert other disease name here].”
  • “If you just lose weight, it’ll go away.”
  • "If you just stop eating processed foods, your body will make insulin again."
  • "Can't you get a transplant of your liver to fix diabetes?"
  • "Don't they have a cure for this in Europe?"
  • "There's a cure for diabetes in a basement in Washington, but they'll never release it because Pharma companies would go broke."
  • "Didn't Halle Berry wean herself off insulin?  Why can't you do that?"
  • “I could never stick needles into myself.  I’d rather die.”
  • “Juvenile diabetes?  Shouldn’t you have out-grown that?”
  • “Diabetes is easy – you just stop eating sugar, right?”
  • “A pump?  You must have the bad diabetes.”
  • “A meter?  You must have the bad diabetes.”
  • “A special doctor?  You must have the bad diabetes.”
  • "Diabeetus?  You must have the bad diabetes."

Here ... just here:  A big, warm glass of shut the hell up.


I probably shouldn't have read this. This list really makes me angry at the ignorance and judgement that we all face on a daily basis.

It drives me crazy that the U.S. government (and the news media) does such a poor job of educating the public that most people assume that there is only one type of diabetes (and it sure as Hades isn't T1). I feel for all my T1 friends. Nikki (a T2)

I hear that candy cane cure works even better if you combine it with the hot chocolate cure. ;)

Oh do I hear ya sistah! 2 items: A friend recently saw my Dexcom G4 receiver and said how cool it must be to not have to wear that bulky pump anymore. I pulled up my dress and pointed to my pump in my tights.
2. Years ago I read that Hallie Berry article where she talked about her "bout" with having diabetes. It's amazing to me, that all these years later, my desire to punch her in the head still remains just as strong, as the day I read that article.

I take the opportunity of ignorance to educate. I once talked with two women for an hour in line for a flu shot a few years ago when the supply was low. The opening comment was, "You have diabetes? But you look so healthy!" I'm really open about my diabetes, so we had a great conversation. It really engaged them and opened their eyes to the reality of diabetes that we all know so well.

Thanks to growing up with Kerri, I won't be one of these uninformed PWoDs. And I make sure to enlighten if I hear such nonsense coming from friends. (at least as far as my knowledge goes. though without a PWD in my offline life, it doesn's come up much)

Also, I may have to try that candy cane hot chocolate "cure" for my bad eyesight. It works for that too, right? :D

Ahhh, yes. I love when people feel the need to tell you about other people's complications related to the disease. This is supposed to be supportive how?

Also, I will join in on punching Halle Berry in the head. As someone who is so prominent in the media and entertainment industry, it drives me bonkers that she does NOTHING to advocate for those of us with Type 1.

re: halle berry (from Alecia) and I constantly want to punch Bret Michaels in the throat. Mostly from his past diabetes related comments, but not completely....)

You know, the only one that for some reason doesn't make me angry is "my dog had diabetes." Not sure why.

Also - "you don't look diabetic." Um, OK.

I posted a HOPE photo on FB yesterday and had my coffee mug in the photo that reads "Keep Calm and Eat A Cupcake". Immediately, a comment came back saying that, basically, PWD shouldn't eat cupcakes. I took a deep breath and used it as a teachable moment. Of course, I live for these moments.

It's sick, but I've heard many of those in the last 4 years. When their talking about my little girls, I can turn rather mad! Thanks for the laugh. Take care.

My job involves training staff at a non profit agency that supports people with developmental disabilities. Last month during one of my training sessions about health and wellness I shared that I have diabetes as do many of the individuals supported at the agency. A new employee shared with the class that he could cure diabetes with an all natural remedy and would I be interested in reading some material on it. I looked at him and said, "Sir,if you have the cure for diabetes why the hell are you working here for minimum wage?". He shut up.

One of my favorites is the "EWWWWW!!!!! What are you DOING???" When I test, followed by "I could never do that. Doesn't that hurt? I'll bet it hurts a lot. You must be, like, a masochist or something. You probably shouldn't be doing that so often."

*shakes head* Sometimes I'd really love the opportunity to punch someone who makes ignorant/stupid/mean comments.

As a newbie T1, I'm in the center of all these comments from tons of folks followed up by the constant: 'Did you test'-like I could forget? So far the most annoying is the 'That's not on a diabetic diet'. They aren't counting my carbs & bolusing but they certainly think they they can comment as their plates are dripping with hundreds of carbs. *smh*


I love Happy Gilmore.
The list - yea suck it stupid people.

I have heard so many of those. Sometimes from people I love and respect. It is frustrating that there isn't more education out there (even my parents don't really understand the disease). Unfortunately, many people seem to have lay knowledge about diabetes (probably from late night Wilford Brimley commercials or something they heard on the news about type II diabetes that was just called diabetes), and this then qualifies them to step up on their soap boxes and make all those statements listed in the post. And in response I, as a person with T1D, am supposed to smile and thank them for the wisdom and insight they are imparting to me because clearly I am not as educated about my disease as they are because if I had been I wouldn't have gone and done a stupid thing like going out and getting diabeetus in the first place! BLARG!!!!

I hear stuff like this all the time and have to roll my eyes! People need to know what they are talking about before they open their mouths sometimes.

My daughter was diagnosed 24 days ago, and I did one of these myself.

When I took her into urgent care, I thought it was leukemia. When I found out what it was instead, I texted my friends, "at least it's not leukemia." But I *really* didn't get it yet.

I did, because my husband has type 1.5, so I probably got it more than most people, but no, I really DIDN'T get it.

“Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking”- The Scarecrow

"my grandma just takes a pill for that"

LOVE! I've also heard "But you aren't that heavy!" Um, thanks. That must be what a more direct person would say as opposed to "You don't look like you have diabetes" (not that that's the polite version). I also loved hearing "You can get rid of that, you know!" twice in one day by dudes I was boxing Muay Thai with. If anyone doesn't know what Muay Thai is, search it on YouTube, and then tell me how, doing that 2-3 times a week for an hour or two at a time, along with distance running, yoga, and a nearly vegan diet, I'm not doing enough to "get rid of" my diabetes.

Halle Berry is Catwoman. Catwoman can do anything. :-)

Sometimes it just hurts. My mother tries very hard to help. One of her recents - a video of a boy whose parents took him off insulin and 'treated' him with chiropratic stuff and swimming in a salt water pool. I feel so sorry for that boy. I'm still trying to explain to my mom the difference between Type 1 and 2. It's hard for her to understand and grasp. I am after all, the only 1 of her 12 natural kids who was so 'blessed'. :$

Oh dear lord please help me not to scream!!! lol I hear those things again and again but coming from you they make me LOL!!!

Heard a good one the other day. Looking over fruit in the office and a colleague goes "because of your diabetes do you have to eat unripened fruit because of the lower sugar content?"


It's surprising how many of these comments I hear from doctors and nurses. I've had type 1 for 3 years and am currently in the process of finding a good OB so I can get pregnant. A couple of weeks ago, I met an OB who told me that the reason that my sugar was so well controlled was because I've only had it for 3 years. She said that if I'd had it for 10 years, my A1Cs wouldn't be as good. It made me so angry because I work so hard everyday to control my sugars.

Thanks Kerri, for making me laugh, after pointing out how ignorant and all-knowing the rest of the world can be, at the same time. :)

I tend to let those comments slide like water off a DUCK'S back! :-) But the teacher in me usually goes into full gear and I correct misapprehensions whenever I can. Since the media is doing such a lousy job of it, I figure I'll put in my 2c adjusted for inflation. I guess I don't get mad because I KNOW the remarks are just made out of ignorance, not malice, and my job as a teacher is to cure ignorance, since I can't cure diabetes! LOL!

It's either laugh or cry sometimes! Sometimes, though, it's just get mad. Like the time I brought my newly diagnosed son into the hospital and the receptionist said, "Oooh, diabetes! That's really bad! My mom had her leg amputated because of that!" With my son newly diagnosed, I knew little about what we were facing. I was already in a totally stressed, freaked out space. The only thing that kept me from screaming at her was that my son was fortunately not quite within ear shot. They should train these people! End of rant.

I'm in tears. I ran a support group for pump users in our town for years. After, I resigned the club dis-banned. Our town has two hospitals. One of them have a support group twice a month. (geared to an older crowd). The other hospital offers no diabetes support. My goal as the leader of the pump club was to educate the community and be shoulders for each other to lean on and listen to. We shared pump issues & invited guest speakers. I'm failing right now. Who is going to step up to the plate and help me? 29 years T1 and frustrated. SMH n crying.

Favorite comment I have heard more than once about my daughter's diabetes? (Keep in mind she was diagnosed at age 2!) "...oh, I know what you are going through, my dog has diabetes!"

My personal favorite: "Are you SURE you should be eating that?"

My second favorite: "Why are you wearing an iPod/pager/beeper?" (Always fun since I teach high school students, so they want to know why I get to wear my "iPod" and they don't. I enjoy those teachable moments...)

My third favorite (as my blood sugar is dropping): "My uncle's grandma's second niece once removed once had diabetes, but now she doesn't. She got sick once and I had to run and get her a candy bar, and she was fine after that. So I totally understand how you feel." What?? No, no, you really don't!

My fourth favorite (upon looking at my CGM results): "Wow, that looks really bad. What are the lines for again?"

And also - to add on a 5th (and perhaps my all-time favorite) comment:

"When my dog's blood sugar is high, he poops a lot. Do you poop a lot when your blood sugar is high?"

(I sincerely hope you all see the humor here, because I just about died laughing when I heard this one!)

The "best" one we've heard was from a doctor at A&E after a spell of early morning low blood sugars (thanks to the crap shoot that is NPH) before getting a pump. He told my (at the time) 10 year old sister "well, if you're high today there's complications in 20 years, if you're low today you're dead in the morning". Never so quickly have I lost respect for someone in the medical profession-and also wanted to punch them in the face.-

Thanks for a Friday grin.
Ignorance is bliss?...I think it's just ingorance.

My cat had diabetes, and it sucked because he was a loud meowing biatch to get his food - shot - food routine in the morning but I never thought of it as even remotely the same as people.

We never tested his blood sugar, just one shot of insulin a day and limiting his food, (unless he started showing low symptoms, then it was karo syrup time) so I don't know how anyone would think it was even close to the same!

Then again... grew up with Kerri...

I have enjoyed all the crazy comments PWD receive mentioned above. Some I have never heard before. I hope you all periodically come in contact with people who truly understand your daily comittment to staying healthy, and tell you that. Especially relatives of PWD who seem to really appreciate the effort it takes to live with diabetes. If you haven't been prasied, then please know that I so respect all of you.

As a vegan (because of animal rights,) and a diabetic, I can personally say that being a vegan does not cure diabetes. *sigh*

My recent fav is when they try to empathize with you because they have gained 15 pounds since Thanksgiving and have been on a diet for the past few weeks.

Really? If we could only be so lucky!

Oh how I HATE all these ignorant quotes...glad you can relate (I know there are many out there who can) but it is so frustrating! "Just exercise and lose weight and you won't have it anymore!" One of my favorites.

I once had an ob/gyn say to me after he realized I was diabetic and wanted children, "are you sure you want to bring another diabetic into this world?" Idiot. I never saw him again and later had a wonderful pregnancy and delivered a healthy, beautiful, non fat, non diabetic boy into this world. He's now 19!

I loved your post. It bright a smile to my face. The best comment I've received was after dropping weight b/c I was an undiagnosed, sick T1. I ran into a neighbor who asked how I'd lost some weight. I explained that I had been diagnosed with diabetes and that high sugars were hurting me and caused the weight loss. Her reply was, "Oh, so this is like a blessing in disguise". My sisters and I still laugh our heads off about this idiotic comment:)

Hahaha my dog poops a lot. That is so funny. Why would anyone say that? I hear less dumbness now than when I was first diagnosed but my favorite from a coworker was "oh I had gestational diabetes so I know what it's like. I didn't have to take shots I just ate taco salad. You should try that." Ok taco salad for life let's try it?!

another all time favorite is
"so that means you can't eat anything with sugar in it, right?"

People love to talk, most are ignorant and self important. Some are just naive. These comments are all insensitive.

Yes, the did you try this to cure type 1 diabetes thing.

This one day a guy that was smoking came up to me while I was checking my blood sugar and said, "ya know if you eat organic it will cure your diabetes." I tried to give him my 20 second education speech on how you can't cure type 1 diabetes and he wouldn't let me get 2 words in so, I had to let him have it. So I said to him, "So what does smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day cure?" And I walked away.

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