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Always Learning.

I just figured out what the hell this thing is for:

It's still kind of useless, but at least now I understand its intended use.

Capping up a pre-filled insulin pump cartridge.  For YEARS now I've been wondering what the hell this was, and then tossing it into the garbage after a site change (but then finding it again, days later, rolling around on the bathroom floor because I clearly missed the garbage can).

And now I know.

Always learning.


OMG, I never knew what that piece was for, either! Every set change is like putting together an IKEA bookcase and having extra nails left over--you wonder just how important those pieces really are. Now I know the bookcase won't collapse. :-)

And now you can pull up a little syringe-full, cap it off, remove the blue plunger, and have a little stash of insulin to keep with you when you don't want to worry about transporting the entire vial.

Life is good :)

Isn't it interesting they provide that little thing, and yet they tell us not to pre-fill the cartridges.....

Thank you! I had absolutely no idea, although I still don't understand the need for a cap :)

I only use it when I'm traveling or know I'll run out away from home. Also, when I was pregnant, I had a couple loaded up to go in the "suitcase."

*blinks* Add me to the list of people who never knew what that thing was for.

Hmmm. I knew that it fit there and was a "cap", but I've always wondered what the point of it was...why would we want to cap it then turn around and take off the cap when we put on the tubing? So, it's OK to fill a cartridge and take it with you? Wow.

Can I ask why, Taryn and others, you're told not to pre-fill your cartridges? My diabetes nurse (down in the land of Oz) suggested that I pre-fill them to save time and I always fill 7 or 8 at once and leave them capped in the fridge... I've been doing this for 12 months and have never had a problem with my insulin?

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