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D-Blog Week: Accomplishments, Big and Small.

My biggest accomplishment?  This is pretty big:

Pregnant with the BSparl

My smallest accomplishment?  My littlest friend:

BIrdy, day one.

Enough said.

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I had forgotten she was ever that small!!!!

such a cute pregnancy look. you make it look easy!

Huge (and wonderful) accomplishment!! :)

:) I hope to have that same accomplishment one day (you know, except my own)

This made me tear up!

So great! If I could change one thing about diabetes, it would be that women could have a D-vacation during pregnancy. You are a testimony that new life can happen despite a life without pie.

You NAILED it!!!

back in the "olden" days, it was a Huge accomplishment
My littlest friend turns 39 this year !

That's a wonderful accomplishment, indeed! :)

Totally unrelated, but can you believe how old that camera seems now?

I have a feeling that if you posted on this subject in 20 years, you might post the same thing. And that's great.


Well that definitely beats every other dblog post on accomplishments :)

Best accomplishment! :)

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