July 21, 2011

The SUM Blogroll

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When I first started blogging, there were just a few diabetes blogs.  Now there are a few hundred. 

It's truly a pleasure to be writing alongside these inspiring writers.  This blogroll confirms what I was looking for - that there are other people out there living real lives with diabetes.

So welcome to the Six Until Me Blogroll!  Here you'll find the very best of the diabetes blogosphere and "SUM" excursions to my favorite non-diabetes sites. 

If your diabetes blog is missing from this blogroll, please send an email to blog@sixuntilme.com.  If you would like to include a 1 - 3 sentence description of your blog next to your screenshot, please email that, too.  I love seeing the blogroll grow - the more the merrier!!

Thanks for reading Six Until Me, and enjoy these other great blogs:


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