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A Town, Disclosed.

I quit my job a few weeks ago.

I've been waiting to say that for weeks because my former insurance job was so rotten, so boring and kept me trapped in a windowless building for almost two years.  I was miserable.  I was a Merchant of Fear, selling the worst case scenario to people.  They would tell me that they bought an airplane.  My response: "Hey, that's great!  But you could crash it, so you should make sure you have insurance on it."  Terrible course of business. 

It was making me depressed. 

So I quit.  Gleefully.

A much better offer came along a few weeks ago.

I've been busy packing up my house.  Looking for a new apartment with my boyfriend.  Enjoying my last few weeks as a RI resident.  Laying out at the beach with my friends.  Becoming excited, really excited.  Paying insane amounts for a condo inHe tried to bring me flowers. western Connecticut.  Traveling back and forth a few times a week to iron out all the details of the move.   Trying to keep my own mouth shut and so thankful for those who knew and kept silent with me.  Becoming more excited.

Next week I will be starting my new job with dLife.  As of June 30th, I will be living in a beachside community and working for a company whose mission I respect deeply.

I am no longer a Merchant of Fear.

I now have a job I want.  And that feels pretty damn good.


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Congratulations :) You must be SO psyched... Sounds like it's going to be a fun, interesting job... I hope you really enjoy it. If I'm being completely honest, I'm a little jealous(as my job right now pretty much sucks), but I'm still very happy for you too! :) Keep us posted with everything please.

BTW, I'm from western CT...whereabouts are you moving to? :)

WOW! many many congrats to you!

A big congratulations! I hope the new position brings you tons of happiness - I am sure it will. Though, what exactly will you be doing?

That rocks.
Major congrats, lady!

Being in a job that sucks, SUCKS. I hope the new gig is much better. I know (from personal experience) that working for an organization that you respect goes miles in terms of job-satisfaction.

Way to go!

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations!

Hey!! Congrats on the new job.

And it's good that you're not moving too far away :)

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. but i must admit. Im going to miss you ... thank god you got a two bedroom... I'M COMING TO VISIT!!!!!!!

Welcome to CT, sis.

Start playing the lottery, you'll need it here.

That's great news. And, yeah, it does suck to have a job that sucks.

Congratulations, you so deserve to have a career that you love instead of a job that makes you miserable. Enjoy all of the excitement of new beginnings, those are the best times in life.

Kerri, that is so awesome! I am very happy for you. There is nothing worse then hating the place you have to be at for 8 hours a day 5 days a week! I will NEVER do that again. I hope you never have to either!


Congrats on your new job and welcome to the world of working in the diabetes realm. What exactly will your new job entail?

(i'm a bit of a newb to the Diabetes OC sites and a lurker)

Whooohooo! Good for you. That's fantastic news. I love it when nice things happen to good people.

Congratulations on the new job you certainly deserve it. You have done an awesome thing by joining MANY fellow diabetics together. You will go on to do great things in your new gig!!!! Congrats on the new place too !

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you :) Sounds like you got an awesome job! Can't wait to hear more about it - and about your move. Things are looking up!

Best Wishes on the move (I hate packing LOL).

so u av a full time job working for d life? what does that involve?

ur so lucky. i'm stucking washing dishes for another year wanted to tare my hair out.

living in a city in england. with no beach, no hot weather, and just boredom.

wish i could do something good. i'll just look forward to going on holiday at the end of the year.

wooo hooo.

congrats on the job and quitting ur old one. wish you all the best.

luv vicki xxxx


Awesome, Kerri. I am so glad that you'll be in a job you can enjoy for a company you respect. It makes all the difference!

WELCOME TO CT! how great is it that you have found a job you WANT ... enjoy... and working for such a great place so it seems look forward to more posts on this.

Congratulations, Kerri! This is a move that's going to make a difference in every aspect of your life, I think.

Let's definitely do coffee before you go!


Looks like I'm late to this info... but congratulations! I love it when things work out for the better.

So happy for you!


Congratulations Kerri! The job sounds great, and the move is going to be over before you know it. Then we can hit Ikea!!!

Sure, go ahead and post a link.

Thats awesome Kerri- enjoy your new job!

Congratulations Kerri! Aren't these kind of life changes so invigorating?! So, I think we're all on the edge of our seats... what'll you be doing at dlife? I'm sure writing has something to do with it :)

Rocking! Can't wait to hear what the job entails.

What wonderful news. How great to do meaningful work in the world of diabetes. They're lucky to have such a insightful voice as a part of they're team! Congratulations!

Thanks so much!

I'm very excited about this opportunity and am sitting at my computer, amidst a pile of half-packed boxes that the cats keep sniffing around in, grinning like a fool.

My job at dLife will be as a writer and an editorial assistant. Notice that mentions nothing about insurance.

Makes me very happy. :)

That's fantastic. dLife is very lucky to be getting such a talented and passionate writer!!

LOL! You know my sentiments so to you I say, Amen and Hallelujah!

Mazel tov on everything! But I'm confused--you're moving to Conn. but working beachside? What beach is that? And what are you doing for DLife? Congrats all around, though!


dLife is in Westport, CT (coastal town) and I'm living in a nearby coastal town, Norwalk. I'm not sure what the beach is called, but I as long as it has sand, I don't care. :)

I am in West Haven Ct if ya ever wanna meet have coffee and chat it could be fun

Fantastic news! I'm so glad you'll finally be doing something that you'll love... something that will use your talents!

I hope the move goes well.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's awesome and inspiring. Enjoy the rest of time off before starting up the new job. :)

Congratulations! dLife is lucky to have you.

Way to go!!! What a good fit for you!

Couldn't be happier for you. It's great that you were in a position that you could make it work.

We will excitedly watch as you grow into your new role & responsibilities!


You did it. Woo hoo! You persevered.

They're lucky to have you. Enjoy.


Kerri, Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!

dLife is getting the better end of the deal. They are getting the wonderful Ms. Kerri !!!!!!!!!
Congrats girl. You deserve it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the 41st commento, I'm not sure if this congrats will just be redundant, but congrats all the same!

Even if you're the 50th comment, I still appreciate the warm wishes. So thanks very much!

(Kerri resumes packing up everything she owns, and accidentally shoves S. Sausage into a cardboard box.)

Kerri, there is nothing quite as satisfying as being in your element and getting paid for it.

We know you are no natural "merchant of fear," for Pete's sake!

And (no matter who Pete really is) I am proud of you and for you.

Go get 'em, Kerri!!

I am really happy for you! Stuck in a job you hate is really the pits!Have LOTS of fun at your new job, new house, new life!

Brilliant stuff! Sounds like a great place to live and work. I've worked in insurance and felt quite comprimised too, but I suppose we all have to go through it at some point.

That SO ROCKS! Congrats!

I guess I'll be sending my columns in to you soon. So we'll be in closer touch :)

And what a catch for dLife!

Kerri....I just sent you an email introducing myself, THEN I read the blog comments! I'm a day late and a dollar short, but congrats...you should have a GREAT experience in CT, new place, new job!! What could be better??!! Looking forward to keeping in touch...W

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