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HR 810 - Stem Cell Research

You are reading this blog.  That means that you are affected in some way by diabetes. 

It may be your children.  It may be your parents or your grandparents.  It may be the nice kid you sit next to on the subway during the morning commute.  It may be the author of the book you just read.  It may be the CEO of your company.  It may be your partner.  

It may be you.

Every minute of every day.  That’s how often diabetes affects life.  Every second is kissed by this condition.  While we all live every day with this disease, it is a tough journey sometimes.  So much effort to live normal, healthy lives.  And we do our best.  Our very best.  Taking each step with courage and determination and the knowledge that a cure could be within our lifetime.My 2006 medical bills as of July

Our lives are full.  We have successes and failures.  We have careers and make contributions to our society.  We are strong sons and daughters, mothers and fathers.  Our lives will not suffer the consequences of this condition without a fight.

And we’ll keep fighting. 

For at least another five years.

Because with one penstroke, Mr. George W. Bush pushed the cure for diabetes, and for many other diseases, just out of reach again.  He said the bill would have crossed a line and “once crossed, we would find it impossible to turn back.”  

I am not advocating the killing of a child.  I’m talking about saving one. 

And I don’t want to turn back.  I’m tired of the “Five More Years Promise.”  The possibility of a cure is a bitter taste I wake up with in my mouth.  I want my chance.  I am twenty-seven years old and I want my chance to experience my life without diabetes.  Diabetes will never quiet my ambition or temper my dreams, but it has the potential to shorten my life.  This September will mark my twentieth year with diabetes and I want nothing more than to feel strong and hopeful for my healthy future.

“In our zeal for new treatments and cures, America must never abandon our fundamental morals,” is the response he gave.  Our fundamental morals?  Protecting human life?

Mr. Bush, what about our lives?


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Well said Kerri. All I kept thinking was "If it was his child with a chronic condition, he would be singing a different tune."

What a downer.

Unfortunately, George, I believe he would've vetoed the bill even if his own children had a chronic condition.

Since hope is gone with this administration, I hope the bill is pushed again during the next one...and it is passed.

This veto by Bush and most importantly the inability of Congress to override this veto, clearly tells the American public that we need to vote in November. It wasn't only Bush who halted this extremly important research. Congrssional elections are as important as presidential-Vote

Ms. Kerri - long time!
I will email you soon with more details but Charlie's mom died & we've moved to MA to live with his brother Jimmy. Who has MS. Who is also in the same boat you are with these Bush shenanigans. So I'm right up there with you.
I'll write ya soon.
PS: did you get the youtube video I sent your way :)

Man, this upsets me so. Yesterday I was so upset and so damned angry. But I'm not a bit surprised.

People, Chris' mom is so right, we've got to get out and vote if we're going to make any changes.

I'm reading all the comments and I agree that it comes down to the vote in the end. The only caveat I want to add to that is that if we (or the media) don't make stem-cell research an issue in the press, then how do you know who to vote for. I think the key is to make sure the candidates are forced to expose their positions during the campaigns. That will take each of us going to a public forum and asking the question...in front of any media who might be covering it.

I can't wait until King George has left the castle.

Nice post, Kerri.

Mine used considerably more expletives.

i don't know what would happen in england if there was a cure. i doubt people would be able to get it because it would cost too much money.

in england only a handful of people are allowed pumps let alone a cure if there is one!

i don't think i'll see a cure in my life time and even if i do i doubt very much i'd be allowed it.

i know i'm a pessamist but it's what i think.

if the cure was available but with a huge ass price tag i'd pay for it no matter what it meant.

blah... i'll shut up now. i think i'm stuck with diabetes now until i die (probably from this condition) my god i am so full of self pity today it's scary!!!!!!!!

Well, well, talk about a kick in the ass. I'm not from the U.S., but still - it's a huge blow to everyone out there who could benefit from stem cell research.

I'm saddened to hear that this type of research won't be able to be performed now - as the more countries that can do it, the better chance at finding a cure there is - and we all know, we can use all the help we can get.

Not good - not good at all.

When that fool is out of office, is there a likely candidate for the presidency who might be sympathetic to the cause?

Why can't the senate or house override the veto? They do it in Massachusetts all the time.

I'm so pissed that I can't see straight, nevermind articulate a response.

I said this over on Nicole's blog, but I'll repeat it here:
O came to me last night and said "Do you know what Bush did? He just said No to a cure. I hate him, mum, I really hate him."

Fucking prick. So do I, baby, so do I.

Julia - Damn it. Your response just made more upset and more furious - for all of us.

The house fell-short of the votes they would have needed to override the veto. In Massachusetts, there's a "balance" - wacky Rep. governor, but Dem. controlled state senate... N

Thank you for this articulate post. I've been too angry to put anything coherent together, although it's certainly been a hot topic of conversation around here.

I'm with Julia's beautiful O on this one.

You may think I am crazy but I believe there is a huge push by government (and lobbyists from companies we are all familiar with) NOT to find a cure. Just think of the impact a cure would have on the current diabetes treatment industry and the loss of millions of dollars in sales. It is sad to say, but I think even if the president of Eli Lilly was a diabetic, he would need to push treatment rather than a cure to please company shareholders. The link below has some good information on what kind of money is involved in diabetes treatment.


But, hang in there, the University of Minnesota is nearing our dream (see link for article)


Very well put.

Thanks Kerri.

Thanks Kerri for your articulate post (as always). I've hated this administration for so many reasons but this one is personal. I've felt sad and sick for a week. For myself and everyone else who has to deal with this disease, as well as all the other diseases which stem cell research shows such promise. And now too, for my good friend from work, who was diagnosed only 10 days ago. So sad that yet another person has to deal with diabetes in an era of such ignorance and backwardness.

And I agree with Chris' mom. VOTE. And also speak out, inform, get others to the polls, talk to your congresspeople, the press, friends, colleagues. We bring a powerful voice to the issue, because it is personal and born of struggle and courage.

As a parent of a diabetic child, I can assure you that I want a cure found. But before ya'll vent more unbridedled anger at the President let me explain why I support him. All that was being debated here was embroyonic stem cell research and specifically federal funding of it. Secondly, it's probably good to remember that while embryonic stem cells have shown potential, the only significant advancements have come from non-embroyonic stem cell research which was not what was in question.

So go ahead and rant and rave about how much you "hate" the President or call him ugly names. At least Kerri has the decency to write articulately about it. That I also respect.

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