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November Issue of EXIST Magazine

Although this post is a day late, the issue was launched on November 1st, per our arrangement with the Don't Ever Go To Bed Ontime gods.

EXIST Magazine - November edition

Still looking for Letters to the Editor.  And some sleep.  :)

As a big ol' sidenote, I am very proud of this project.  EXIST has featured some of the most though-provoking pieces I have come across and I'm very proud of the reputation EXIST is gaining through the world wide web.  So kudos to the staff and thank you for continually raising the bar.


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I read your piece on cooking and how you suck at it and I'd like to give you an assignment....cook one of the recipes I gave you and report back to me on how it went!!

Kerri, I love exist! its new in my favorite places! good job... more stuff on gaming ok thanks lol

EDITOR'S NOTE: I have never deleted comments from the blog before, but I did tonight. My friend Anonymous (IP address left a nasty comment and I torched it. Why? Because this is the third time they've left something nasty and I have no patience for their cowardly ways.

-- Kerri.

strains against chain
chews through chain
eats anonymous

A tip for you, anonymous: Slams work better when they're properly worded and grammatically correct, you pathetic little coward.

Wow, the comment must've been pretty bad (and obviously grammatically lacking).

I wonder if there's a way to prevent that IP # from commenting.

Already done. :)

OK, so you blocked the evil anon....

when are you going to cook?!

No need to block. He's been eaten. ;)

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