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Everything changes.

Racing against time.Everything changes. 

Like standing on a highway overpass and watching the red brake lights and the starry white headlights ebb and flow, streaming so fast and so furiously that you barely see each individual car. 

As time passes, I notice how quickly each year fuses into the next.  Today, the last day of December, always proves to be one of reflections on the past and expectations for the future. 

This past year has been one of great change for me, personally.  I’ve faced my fear of flying, thanks to my supportive boyfriend (and the help of a few little xanax pills).  I have moved from my home town, away from my friends and family, to embrace a bold career move in CT with dLife.  I have lost my dear grandmother.  I have found such joy in my new little niece.  There have been tears.  Fears.  Tears for fears.  (Couldn’t resist that one.)  Laughs.  Insane workouts.  Ridiculously ping-ponging blood sugars.  An annoying car.  Paper cranes.  Countless car rides to CT during which plans for EXIST were hatched.  A little Siah Sausage continued to churn up chaos in my life.  Chris continues to inspire me and make me rediscover just how fun love – and life - can be. 

Life moves on, quickly and surely and without care as to who is hanging on.  Two thousand and six has been a year that has sent my life spinning. 

Everything changes.

And I’ll continue to change.  It just doesn’t stop.  I don’t want it to stop. 

I’ve never been one for resolutions, but I do embrace change.  I can’t make a list of the things I want to change or accomplish in this coming New Year, but I can say that I am so excited for what 2007 is sure to bring.  And I am so proud of what we all leave behind in the wake of 2006.  It’s been a tremendous year of growth for everyone I know.  Even the smallest steps make the biggest differences. 

Midnight approaches and I can’t help but smile.  I want to enjoy every moment of this.  If I blink, the lights may start to blend together again, but for today, I can see each and every car.

Happy New Year to my supportive Faithful Readers, fellow bloggers, and my beloved friends and family.  You make such a real difference in my life. 


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All the best, we'll see you in 2007!

Best wishes for a wonderful, fabulous 2007! :)

Happy New Year to you too Kerri, I am sure we all look forward to reading what you have for us this new year.

Kerri, Happy New Year! Go ahead and add my blog to your blogroll! :) Have a great start to 2007!

Happy New Year, Kerri!!

Happy New Year Kerri!

Happy 2007!

Happy New Year Kerri! I'm happy to have found your blog, your writing is wonderful as is your outlook! I look forward to reading more this year! :)

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