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Free Foods

Before the steam.Growing up on NPH and Regular, there was a lot of talk about snacks.  And there was a lot of talk about “free foods.” 

Free foods, according to my doctor at Joslin and my mother, were snacks like pickles, cucumbers, Jell-O, and sugar-free popsicles.

“Eat all you want!  Go on,” my mother would urge.  In those pre-pump, peaking insulin days, it was all about chasing that meal plan and adhering to the guidelines.  Two starches, one protein, a fat, a milk, and a fruit.  Rinse and repeat.

Except for the “free foods.”  I was encouraged to go hog-wild on those suckers.   But my palette soon became tired of pickles and popsicles.

“Why can’t a Snickers bar be a free food?”  Grumble, grumble.

The one free food that always brought me glee was Jell-O.  My mom used to make “jigglers,” which included a package of Jell-O and two packages of Knox unflavored gelatin.  They were prepared in the big lasagna pan and she would leave them in the fridge for me to snack on.  Sometimes she would add a small bit of whipping cream to the mixture and it would settle on the top, creating a very thin layer of fantastic Jell-O flavored custard on top of the aforementioned Jiggler. 

This was a free food I dug.

And I still dig.

A few nights ago, I made some Jell-O.  The tea kettle whistled and I poured the powdery mixture into my mixing bowl, adding the boiling water while I stirred.  (For the record, nothing stains a countertop quite like red-flavored Jell-O mix.  And yes, the flavor is always “red.”  There are plenty of claims on those boxes but strawberry, raspberry, mixed fruit - they all taste … red.)

Eighteen years later (or so it seemed), the Jell-O solidified and bounced around in my fridge.  I ate a big spoonful this morning and felt like a little kid again. 


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Yummy - Jello! There is nothing quite like a Jello-pie... Sugar-free Jello, Sugar-free Cool Whip, Low-carb Graham Cracker Crust... My mother's favorite Holiday treat for me - and only 19 grams of carb for a HUGE slice! And you are right - jello always tastes red.

I think Sunflower Seeds were also on the "free food" list... Weren't they?

There's nothing like red Jello with Cool Whip. Yum!

Mmmmm - It's been a LONG time since I've made any Jello.

I might just have to get some!

being kind of new to D-game, I didn't truly 'get' the jello thing growing up. But now...well sugar-free jello with sugar-free cool whip rocks my world.

Yes, I made a big bowl of Jello parfait (wait until the Jello is almost set and then mix in some Cool Whip - keep in refrigerator until totally set)for Kylee at Thanksgiving and served it to her in a crystal fancy dessert dish! She felt like a princess.
Frozen Cool Whip in a regular cone is a good treat too!

Ugh--I actually think Jello's pretty gross. Never got into it.

But salted cucumbers and half sour pickles, now, I could eat those all day long.

I ate so much jello when I was first diagnosed, that I got SICK OF IT! I haven't made any for quite a long time. Maybe I'm gettin' the cravin' again? Oh, and something else really disgusting to me now.........Pork Rinds! GAG! I ate alot of those too.

I remember eating a lot of salad (with Ranch), cucumbers (with Ranch), and carrots (with Ranch). In fact, my finger tips starting to take on an orange tint, and my endocrinologist told me not to worry, it was just the pigment from the carrots that I had ingested! To this day, my grandma always has little "cuppies" of red sugar-free Jello waiting for me in her fridge with we go to visit. (I am 27, married with a daughter, but I still love my grandma's Jello!)

My favorite flavor is watermelon - it's the only red one that doesn't taste "red" to me.

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