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Gingerbread Torture

Friday:  Played host to a big juicy hamburger and a frothy cappuccino.

Saturday:  Two glasses of wine at the house party and a few handfuls of popcorn.

Sunday:  Big family dinner that included delicious pasta and a bevy of Christmas cookies.  

Sunday night:  “I ate like a baby piglet this weekend.  And I haven’t been to the gym since Thursday night."  Looked at self in bathroom mirror and firmly resolved to be strong for the rest of the holiday season.  I made it through Thanksgiving without a hitch – no reason to cave for Christmas. 

(Rocky theme, “Gonna Fly Now,” starts playing in my head.)    

“Come on, Kerri.  Back on track.  Get to the gym tomorrow after work.  No more messing around.  Keep it all in check.”  I end my pep talk and, for a split second, am convinced that I see Larry Bird looking back at me in the mirror, much like Luke saw Obi-Wan. 

I blink, and his image is gone.Damn him!

Monday morning:  Damn this girl who made gingerbread cookies.  The whole platter is right by the coffee machine, whispering to me. 

“Kerri …. Kerri … we are delicious gingerbread cookies!  We are tasty and warm and why don’t you just lace in a few units and eat one of us?”

“No, Evil Cookies!  I will not bend to your sugary seductions!”

The cookies sigh in unison.

“But Kerri, a unit and a half!  That’s all it takes!  Come on … we have fresh, white icing as our buttons.”

I had to eat one just to shut it up.

Damn you, holiday confections!  And my sincerest of apologies to L. Bird and to Kevin (I caved, man). 


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You've got to break their heads off and dump 'em in the trash.

Then they won't talk to you.

I'm with you on the gym thing. I've been slacking lately and have to get back on track.

Oh my goodness I know just how you feel! I went to a holiday party on Saturday night and was SO GOOD with my food choices and then I saw the chocolate covered mini pretzels. I can have a few, I thought. I bolused. All was good. My blood sugar was 120 before I hit the sack at 3am - perfection! Woke up with cotton mouth at 8am - blood sugar was 307. Son of a b*tch. Stupid pretzels.

I have been dealing with the Holiday goodies for nearly 57 years of type 1 and I hate it. I am usually pretty good but just a taste hear and a taste there makes my blood sugars atrocious. My metal gymnastics take to big a break over the holidays. No wonder we are such an unhealty nation. Hard to believe the junk we throw at ourselves.

You made me snicker... :)

My trick this holiday season has been doing basal tests for the last week or so. That keeps the extra nibbling in check :)

Hey Kelsey, that's a good trick! It's not just the food, it's finding time to work out between all the parties and special events. Neighbor just called to invite me to a party Tues night. Tues and Thurs are gym nights for me and DH. Believe it or not I declined the party in favor of the gym, but I felt like a heel.

I wish I knew what to suggest but as you know, I am pushing max capacity right now. I would just eat the whole freaking clan of gingerpeople. Now I am drooling!

George, I am laughing so hard right now at the phrase "clan of gingerpeople." :D

do. not. get. me. started.

Wasn't that a sequel to Clan of the Cave Bear? Clan of the Gingerpeople?

Good luck with the willpower....it's a hard, hard thing for anyone this time of year, and having to deal with the BG issues just can't be any fun whatsoever. (thankfully, my DD is still young enough I can just say NO!! You can't eat that!! Not that she likes it, and neither do I....)

You fought a good fight. Dust yourself off and get back out there.

But I totally understand, too. When gingerbread men start talking to you, the best way to shut them up is to bite their little heads off.

:) I was gonna say "gingerbreadpeople" but when you make up a funny name for something, 4 syllables is the max you can use!

I am glad I could make you laugh.

There's something about gingerbread men and women! Although I had a posting on cookie-scented bus stops that were discontinued, I can empathize with your situation. This time of year, vendors and clients send boxes of all this stuff to the office. Personally, I think its more challenging to have just one than it is to avoid the stuff altogether, so I just ignore it. Its tough to stop once you get started!

i've caved to the holiday food all through december. it must stop! my pump will burn out else!

I figure that any Christmas that doesn't end in DKA is a good one!

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