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In My Sock.

There's also a Wocket in my Pocket.Slim fitting pants with no pockets.  A shirt with no practical place to stash anything. 

Ah, but I'm still wearing it.

It's not tucked into the waistband of my pants.  It's not lurking in my bra.  It's not taking up residence in a pocket or clipped to a belt. 

"Where's your pump, Kerri?"

"In my sock."

I don't know why I didn't think of this before.  With the infusion set in my outer thigh and the 23 inch tubing more than enough to traverse my short stature, the pump can be easily tucked into the top of my trouser sock.  And with a slight flare at the bottom of my pants, the bulge can't even be detected. 

Tricky little spot for my high-tech little buddy. 

This may not be as fashionable in the summer, but it's working out just fine for winter wares.  And granted, I may look a little bit strange when I reach down into my sock to bolus, but I'm willing to take that risk.  Maybe investing in a remote for the pump?  (Does anyone use a remote for their pump?) 

I may need to have a little chat with Santa.


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Is that a pump in your sock, or are you happy to see me?

Nah...doesn't quite work. Well, maybe on some Dadaist level.

Robbie, that line might work for Dirk Diggler.....

Anywho, thank goodness for flare bottom trousers.

HA! I can assure you, it's a pump in my sock. :)

Shannon - Indeed, thank goodness for flares!

I'd be afraid to get on the bus or L with my little pump in my sock. Too many dangers (bags and feet and knees)!

Glad it's working out for you though.


That's a great idea for winter. I would be afraid I would smash it against something.
I do have a remote for my minimed but only used it a few times. You have to listen really closely for the boop-beep-boop. I think that would be difficult to here by your feet but maybe not. My pump was always in my bra when I used the remote. It's sort of a waste I think but I know others really love it.

Wonderful. I've done this before. Stays put as long as the socks are of good quality!

I thought the remote for my pump was a waste. I had it for two years and used it a grand total of two times - I was always nervous not being able to actually see what the pump was actually doing... Control freaks UNITE!

I ordered a remote with my 508 4 years ago, but I really didn't get much use out of it. They may be better now, but mine ate up the batteries very quickly. I am currently processing my order for my new 522, but I am not getting the remote this time. I like the idea of putting your pump in your sock. Where to put my pump is my biggest quandary each morning! I have it in a thigh thing, under stockings today, which is working out fine, since the sockings hold it in place. The thigh thing slips around too much with bare legs. Anyway, great creativity and thanks for sharing your idea!

I think you would look awesome with it in your sock in the summer.

especially if you were wearing sandals. that'd be HOTT (yes, with 2 ts) :P

That's great Kerri!

I had a remote with my MM508 a few years ago. I would use it exactly two days of the year.

I'm not a big outdoors man, but I would join my family once a year for a hunting trip. We would wear these big "chest waders" - picture big rubber boots that came all the way up to your armpits. They allow you to stand waist deep in the water without getting all wet.

I would wear my remote on a lanyard around my neck, and use it to bolus. Worked great.

I've used my sock before. Didn't get on with it though.

Your socks look like they're pulled up high?!

Santa is making his list... and checking it twice: is that a hint?

My sock is one of my favourite places to stash my pump - especially on Sunday mornings when I'm lazing around in my nightie! I use longer length tubing, so it is always close to my ankle and then bolusing is just a case of flipping the bottom of my trouser leg up for a few seconds.

I also clip the pump to the top of boots sometimes. The only mishap I've ever had was when the pump became dislodged as I was running for a bus. It smashed agaisnst the pavement, but came to no harm. I, on the other hand, missed the bus!

I hooked my pump on knee highs when I was in my sisters wedding, It worked quite well and it didnt fall off When I walked down the Ailse :-)

haha, the sock! My socks never stay up, or I would use them as well. Nice idea !

Remote=waste of money
It drains your pump battery really quickly and it is almost impossible to hear it to know if you are actually bolusing.

In the sock... interesting...

That's a great idea - if I could get my DD to wear knee socks, maybe she could do it too. :)

Just wanted to say, again, you are an amazing writer...loved the Law & Order post too! (I'd rather see Chris Meloni doing the interrogation over V. D'Onofrio, though....)


The sock is a great place to stash the pump. I also put it in a case and clip it to the top of boots if I'm wearing them.

P.S. Great holiday poem!!

hey ker,
I use the remote...and i usually hook up my pump to my boot in the winter when i want that sexy look lol


I wear the leg holder which is basically the top of a sock made to hold the pump. What is even better is that I wear the pump this way in the summer also..with sandals. Your sock idea is basically the leg holder..give it a try..sold on the Medtronic site and fits their pumps perfectly..I have 2 black ones and 2 white ones.


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