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Like a Fat Cat in a Raft

Amongst the bags of wrapping paper and bows, scotch tape and ribbons, and the general chaos that is holding my house hostage, the foolish felines have still been able to nap in the midst of it all.

Like a fat cat in a raft.

Abby, all 15 lbs of her, was smooshed up against the side of the couch.

Her Siahness

Young Sausage was equally as smooshed, just a few inches away. 

It must be nice to be a cat. 

I'm getting them jobs for Christmas. 


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Those cats look deliciously cozy and comfy. I wish I were a cat.

I'm with Shannon. Life would be so sweet if we were cats! But not like that musical that scared the crap out of my kids! LOL

How cute!

I'm tired today. That looks really, really nice right about now...


my cats looked cute yesterday. the big cat alfie has a hooded bed. he was curled up one side, ronnie the small black kitten was the other side, and reggie the tabby other kitten was lying on top of them on his back.

looked cosy. booty the girl, she was up on her pink scarf on my bed, she don't want to be sleeping with all those men.

You're lucky, my feline loves to eat ribbons, and about 10 minutes later, vomits them up in inconvenient locations!

after a long day at work, we often wonder why our cats don't do more around the house...sure would be nice if they cleaned or did laundry or at least didn't vomit everywhere.

I love your cats! they are beautiful! I just sat tonight with my 16 1/2 year old cat in my lap for 4 hours. Nothing like it.

Hemingway does nothing all day; then yawns dramatically when I get home from work! I love him and wish I were a cat at least a zillion times a day! :)

i am a cats person

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