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Numbers Matter.Grab coat.  Fumble with keys.  Mind is racing.  Eyebrows furrowed.  What feels so wrong?  I'm on the moon.  Tired.  Can’t focus.  Unzip black meter case.



5 …

4 …

Meowing from the floor.  Cell phone buzzes in my purse. 

3 …

2 …

1 …

53 mg/dl.

Shaky hands.  Headache.  I wish my mom was here.  The cold air sighing out from the fridge. 

Eight sips.

It will be fine.  Everything will be fine.  Lean against the counter.  

Eight minutes pass.


81 mg/dl.

Warm rush of relief. 



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Your descriptions of lows capture exactly how they feel. I like "I wish my mom was here."
Do you always use 8 sips of juice, regardless of how low the bloodsugar (I think you mentioned it for a 30 in an earlier post)?

Ugh. I just posted about my little one's low she had last night. They scare the begeesus out of me.

Stupid disease :(

Kerri- I've been lurking for several months now, but today I had to comment because I can TOTALLY relate to everything you posted. I'm in college and away from my mom and I so understand how it is to want her, especially when I'm low and on campus or in the middle of the night (which has happened alot lately). Your blog totally rocks! - Allison

A portrait of vulnerability....

Been there, done that before! The note about "meowing from the floor" was really funny ... I have a stupid but vocal cat, too! LOL

Kathy..Don't waste PRECIOUS time by checking your bs. Treat how you are feeling immediately . You cannot afford to waste any time!! Then later, check your glucose.

Kerri........sorry, not Kathy.

Look at it this way - at least you realised you were feeling peculiar. That's good! Now I often have troubling feeling a 40! Scary.And my mantra - sugared coke works faster than juice. Compare their GI numbers. Coke works almost instantaneously.

LOL, I'm going to start calling you Kathy from now on.

I know the feeling, exactly, and don't worry - I won't call you Kathy!

And I woke today to find my name had been changed to Kathy ... ;)

On the "juice first, test later" issue, I have to test. It's a little compulsive, but also I have been known to feel "off" if I am very hungry, exhausted, stressed out, or a variety of different things. I would rather take 10 seconds to test and make sure I'm low than to drink juice and have to chase the high for the rest of the afternoon.

Much love,

Henceforth from this day onward in history, you shall be known as "Kathy,The Hypoglycemia Watcher".


hate that feelin

Right to the point!
I also always test.

I hate the amount of time it takes after treating for things to return to feeling normal.

The discipline it takes to not just eat until you feel better is so very huge.

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