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"Hampton Inn Maine Scarborough" from Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure.

This is a virus.  Do not click this link.  Pass this message on!

Update:  Do not click on "Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure" from any blogrolling service because that link is also compromised.  Shannon is re-working her blog.  More updates soon.

Another Update:  Shannon has dismantled her old blog and is rebuilding a new one.  She'll be back online soon!


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See, I knew Blogger Beta meant trouble!

ah, sh!t, I just, literally just, clicked on her from bloglines. Then wondered why it was bringing up an old post.

Of to scan the old 'puter. Do you know the name of the virus?

No idea what the virus is called, but it brings up some wild pop-ups that crash your browser. I emailed Shannon and David over at Diabetes Daily. Shannon is re-working her blog to a different URL, so I would remove her old blog from your blogroll ASAP and wait for her to give out the new URL.

What a pain in the ass. Poor Shannon and anyone who clicks on this crap!

I nuked her blog from our service. It should be gone any second now.

Shannon, please alert us when you're back on board and if there's any new address!

I hate HATE hate spamming...

crap i clicked her link numerous times, thought it was my already messed up computer

Shit, I just clicked on it, too. Nothing happened here, but I'll remove her from my blogroll.

Come back soon, Shannon!

I clicked on it, and realized something was fishy, but I think my antivirus software stopped anything bad from happening.

So was it because of Blogger beta? I keep getting these messages asking me to switch, but I'm not convinced (yet) that I want to.

In case anyone is checking back here...

I'll be setting everything up on Sunday and sending everyone in the OC an invite.

All is well :)

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