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Siah Allan Poe

First off, thanks to everyone who nominated SUM for a blog award.  It's an honor to be in such esteemed company!  Best of luck to everyone!!

And secondly, I have a confession to make:  While I spent the last month writing the first draft of my book, I did have some help, albeit of the furry variety. 

She's cooking up the next plot twist.

Ms. Siah S. helped me out when the plot refused to thicken.  For once, the little Sausage was helpful, instead of chewing on pump wires and dancing in tap shoes at three in the morning.  And when the NaNo hours started to stretch into the wee hours of the morning, Siah even helped out with the typing, allowing me to dictate.

Writing her masterpiece.

There are several passages that are written entirely in cat, but I'm having them translated. 

Abby, on the other hand, merely slept on the books I was using for a work project.  Not much of a plot progressor, that one.

Lazy bones.
Oh well.  At least she's cute.


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Congrats on your repeat nominations!

Your cats are too cute. (But, of course, not as cute as mine. ha ha) Siah looked like she was staring at that Red Sox mug...

Congrats Kerri! You are awesome!!!

Dude, you are killing me with those cute kitties. I told my wife that if i have to take insulin then she can take a pill so we can have a kitty.

That did not go over so well! :)

Nice mug. :D

Very well deserved on the nomination!

So THAT's how you got 50+k words banged out...

Rachel - Thanks. :) And I look forward to your Sunday Cat Blogging. Agreed - your critters are very cute indeed.

George - What about one of those magical cats that have no dander? They're genetically engineered ... and probably about $1 million a pop.

Julia - I knew you'd notice.

Scott - Siah has also contributed to such works as "A Short History of Nearly Everything" and "Me Talk Pretty One Day." :)

The nomination is well deserved! Good luck on the final vote. Have you checked out chocomilkrocks addition to the family. I have never seen such cute cats as those at the OC. And they are so intelligent, helpful and well educated. Thanks for reading my blog.

You more than deserve that nominatio. They should just have you permanently set on the list each year.

I can't wait to read your novel.

My cats seem to alternate between being paperweights on top of whatever I need to read and being keyboard dancers who hit the enter key in the midst of a crucial email!

Kerri, I honestly don't know how you find the time to get everything done...and in the face of feline interference no less!

Keep up the great work!

wish i had a digital camera. my cat is forever helping me type.

the other day she fell off of the keyboard and used me leg to try catch her fall and so digging in her claws and scratching down my leg.

it's still sore now!

hey love the pics of the cats!!! Everytime it seems that Abby gets fatter and fatter lol....My cat is getting pretty fat too... Just remember its muscle lol....Well just wanted to say hi and see how you were doing...see you in a few weeks...Cant wait!!!!

Congratulations on the nominations, Kerri!

Oh, and these snaps really, really make me want to go out and get (at least) one kitty of our own...

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