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The short film - Balance.

A stark departure from the sarcastic fun of "Uzi," Chris's new short film, "Balance," is now ready for human consumption. 

Trailer here:

I think every office in the country is filled with quiet little mice this week.  Good thing I'm a loud, cage-rattling mouse.  Favorite cheese:  Mozzarella.  Italian mice across America raise their tails in cheers!

(I have end-of-the-year fever.  Can you tell?)


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Ok, that little clip definitely has piqued my interest :) Looks like a good one, once again!

I finally was able to get back to watch this (they block youtube.com at work).

It looks great - and has me wanting to see more too!

You'll have to fill us all in on how we can see more of it!

Also, are we able to get a look at "Uzi" anywhere? Rentals, etc?

Scott - You can rent Uzi from Netflix by clicking this link. It's also available on Amazon.

Balance is rounding the festivals now, so I'll let you know if we're coming to a theater near you!

Jamie - Thanks! I'm glad you liked the trailer!! :)

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