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Grumble Grumble.

Two am.

The alarm goes off.  My response:  Grumble, grumble.Grumble.

My arm snakes out from underneath the warm down comforter.  Siah sneezes beside me, where she has taken up residence on Chris’s pillow.  I grab my kit.  Unzip it.  Fumble with the strip, trying to use the sliver of moonlight as my guide.  Prick finger.  Stick finger in my mouth.  Wait for result.  170 mg/dl.  Okay. 

Text Chris – “2:30 am – 170 mg/dl.”

With Chris away for the next week, he’s asked me to promise to do 2 am glucose testings while he’s gone, so I'll stay safe.

“I’ll be tired, though!”  The whine in my voice is almost unavoidable.  Two am?  Every night?  Oh man…

“I know, but please just do it anyway?  You can go right back to sleep afterwards.”

Grumble grumble.  But he's right.

Last night was the first in this string of midnight vampirism.  I’m not anticipating any problems while he's gone, but I am sleeping with the phone and a bottle of juice by the bed.  My mom expects a phone call by 8:30 every morning so she knows I’m alive and well at work.  I also had a brief discussion with Abby (yes, the cat) about waking me up if I seem sweaty.  She confirmed the arrangement by licking my knuckle. 

And on a completely unrelated note, I did a podcast interview for The Official Diabetes Blog.  Bit of a chat about diabetes, blogging, and diabetes education.  (I’m beginning to think that I may, in fact, speak way too quickly for human consumption.)  I hope you enjoy it!


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You are lucky to have so many in your life that care about you! Yea for loved ones!

I will check out the interview tonight. I a quick talker too so I am sure I can handle it. Your interviews on Diabeticfeed were great too!!!

Great interview! No, you don't talk too quickly! It is a little grainy at times, though. But great to hear your voice!

Great job, Kerri! I enjoyed the interview.

Once again, Chris wins the boyfriend of the year award:-) (Oh, yeah, and Bob too.)

You're so blessed to have so many to care about you. I hope Riley is that lucky when he gets older.


The interview was great and it was nice to hear your voice. I agree with other's, Chris get boyfriend of the year!!!!!

Maybe you could call me for a two a.m. BG check?

I'm up nearly every night testing my blood. Some hints: don't turn a light on, because it will always keep me wide awake afterwards. Keep juice or lifesavers on your nightstand so you don't have to get out of bed for anything. And if you're high at night, just bolus and go back to sleep. Good luck!

Holy fast talking Batman!

That MUST have been some kind of weird internet voice speed warp thing going on right? I mean, no one in real life can actually talk THAT fast...

Of course I'm just kidding!!

Great interview!

And it was not too fast - I just could not resist the opportunity to poke a little fun at you!

I have a very rebellious dawn phenomenon so have been testing at 3:30 a.m. for the last 4 years. It seems by that time I know how fast I'm trending up and how to correct it. The only problem is forcing myself to wake up enough so I can make the proper decision. Starting the day on target makes the rest of it much smoother!

I hope Kylee finds someone like Chris someday....your Mother must feel blessed by Chris's love for you...

I didn't worry (the several nights) I spent away from Greg back in my mid-twenties. I knew and believed he could handle things if he got low, even in the middle of the night. It all changed with the hypoglycemic seizure. There have been few nights since that I've spent apart and they've been so much more restless.

(As an aside, this post provided a little inspiration behind my writer's block that I so desperately needed. Thank you.)

Go Kerri! That's dedication! I need to start doing that because I have been waking up around 6:00am in the 50s for the last couple of nights (with my boyfriend out of town too!) It's kind of scary. It seems that no matter how we think we are perfecting our routine, moving basals around and adjusting carbo ratios, we will never get it JUST RIGHT!! Here's to 3:00am testing!

i test at 3am every night. just kind of wake up with out an alarm i'm so used to it.

don't worry, i talk to my four cats all the time. get more sense out of them than humans sometimes.

vic x

I'll have to have a listen later (House is on now ;) hehe). Love that photo of you though.

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