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Reasons Why My Brain is Oatmeal Today:

EXISTThe February issue of EXIST Magazine is now available on your local Internet.  That means that my pillow and I didn't make contact until the wee hours of the morning.  That means that my coffee mug and I are in constant contact today. 

There was a minor explosion in our water heater last night, which involved me leaping about three feet into the air and squealing "Ooooh!" when the top of the heater threw sparks.  It also cause the tails belonging to both Abby and Ms. Sausage to bristle up to about three times the size and send them careening frantically towards underneath the bed.  The landlord is at the house now, but I've taken far too many icy showers this week and I'm saying silent prayers every fifteen minutes that the heater will be healed when I go home today.  And the cats will have deflated back to their normal sizes.

I have spent waaa-ay too much time this week trying to line up all the documents I need to score my passport for St. John.  More on this later, but I will say that I had a seventy-three year old man scrutinize my five year old license picture and say, "Hmmm... your hair is much darker in this picture, sweetheart." 

Thanks, Mister.


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Good luck with the water heater. Cold showers suck in the winter.....

Jeff and I took out a loan recently and we had to give our drivers license as ID.

The loan officer kept looking at me, then my license, back and forth, back and forth.

Then she says "It looks like you had an extreme makeover since this picture was taken." I was flattered yet insulted at the same time.

Sorry to hear about the water heater, our heat source is on it's last leg, always when it's cold eh? Poor kitty cats. Sounds like the St. John trip can't happen fast enough. Sending you warm thoughts.(with Caffiene)

I think oatmeal gets a bad rap. It's yummy and good.

PS... I'm liking your themed page-headings BTW.

Shannon - HA! I definitely laughed out loud at that one.

Vivian - Thanks for the warm, caffeinated thoughts. I could really use them today!

N - Oatmeal is delicious. I actually just had some. But it's difficult to think with. :) (And thanks for noticing the new header. I get bored with the blog look sometimes and need to mix it up a tad.)

I think I may have convinced Greg to go to the USVI in April. His "warm" preference is Kauai, but we're not sure what kind of shape the island is after the flooding last year.

yay for another Exist...and another themed SUM header.

like the heart at the top.


ditto on liking your headers; loved the big snowflake, too!
Enjoy the vacation; all the hassle of paperwork will be so worth it, I'll bet! :)

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