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Siah Fits In.

What is die-a-beeeet-es?  What are all these little toys she plays with?  Test strips are fun to chew on.  What is that beeper thing?  I see the delicious wires poking from the top of her sweatpants before bed.  And I love those fun little plastic caps.  I steal them off the dresser and hide them underneath her desk.  Sometimes she mutters, "I can't find a damn pump cap anywhere!" but I know where they all are.

I wanted to know what it was like to have this die-a-beeeet-es.  I want to fit in.  So when she jumped in the shower after she came back from the gym, I tried out her stuff.

Make sure the site is clean!

I made sure my paw was clean before I tested. 

Stuff on my cat, anyone?

I pushed some buttons on this beeper thing like she does before she eats, but then became distracted by the tasty tubing.


Okay, use the pricker thing.  Push buttons on the beeper thing.  Eat snacks.  Got it.

tuckered out

This die-a-beeeet-es is a lot of work!  I need a nap.


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How funny that she likes to play with your diabeeeetes stuff!

Awesome. Our cats, I think, would like one another.

I've never considered myself that much of a cat peson, but Siah is changing my mind! She's adorable :)

cats are awesome! I like how he is so nonchalant about the whole diabetes thing. :)

You are right Siah, Diabetes is a lot of work and the tubing is tasty.

j/k on the tubing part of course.

OMG This is so cute Kerri.

Tim and Siah would get along famously. :-)

How cute!!! I wonder if my little Toby (dog) thinks the same thing?! Our beloved pets can be our lifesaver when things get rough. They seem to do just the right thing to make us laugh!

That is SO Carnival of the Cats worthy.

How cute! I don't know what it is about the tubing. If my cat sees it, he'll run over from across the room to bite it!

Ha! That is AWESOME!!!

Ha! Our cats always seemed most amused by the translucent plastic caps that came off the plunger end of my syringes.

Siah is SO beautiful! Could I be falling in love with a cat? Skye better watch out!

Cats and pump tubing: FRIENDS4EVAH!

I am in love with your cat.

Ha! My kitty has her very own die-a-beeeetees stuff, because she's got her very own diabetes. She comes a runnin' when I get out her meter, or her insulin and syringes. (Not because she loves the testing or the injections, but because she gets treats (low carb, of course) for putting up with the invasion. Her's a bit of her story: http://unpaidwriter.blogspot.com/2007/02/part-time-pancreas.html

K -- you've gotta stop feeding Siah that high carb kibble. It could kill her pancreas. (stepping off soapbox.)

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