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Sleep Deprived.

There’s a commercial for IKEA that I’ve seen several times, with people all snuggled into their beds, big fluffy down comforters tucked up to their relaxed shoulders and enormously comfy pillows to press their sleepy cheeks against.  They’re smiling in the slumber, all warm and cozy.Mmmmm ... bed.

Ah, how I loathe these people.

I’m not sure if it’s simply in my nature to be a night owl, but my bed and I don’t make contact until after midnight every night, sometimes edging closer to one.  I get up at 7:30 am for work each day, so I’m not scoring much sleep during the course of the night.   Coffee is my torrid morning lover and my medicine cabinet has a nice, expensive jar of under-eye cream in there that is used daily.

Sometimes it's a bizarre blood sugar event will send the baggage under my eyes.  Other times, it’s as though I’m just not feeling as rested, for some reason.  I’ve read on other sites that diabetics are more inclined to exhaustion (this wouldn’t surprise me in the least, seeing as how a 100 point blood sugar fluctuation is enough to make me want to take a 30 minute Siah nap), but I’m thinking it’s more my sleep pattern than my endocrine issue. 

Even when I score 8 hours of sleep, I still feel slightly foggy.  I’ve had my thyroid checked.  I’ve done the whole overnight blood sugar checking to make sure I’m not dipping way down in the middle of the night.  And no, Mom, I’m not pregnant.  

Sleep just evades me, the slippery little sucker.  I lay my head down on the pillow, five minutes later the fat cat arrives to sleep on my head, and I close my eyes.  But my brain is still whirring away, thinking of things I want to do and thoughts I’ve barely processed and what am I going to wear tomorrow and is it a site change day and what about my car needing that oil change and oooh, I have an article idea and hey, I’m sort of hungry.  The internal monologue spins out of control.  I feel Chris start to fall asleep beside me and my brain says, “Hey!  Wait for me!” 

And then I see those blasted IKEA commercials.

Maybe I’ll just take a ride to New Haven and take a nap in those IKEA display beds.  Perhaps I’ll enjoy a snack of some Swedish meatballs, too.  Ah, bed.


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I tend to be a night owl too - much to the displeasure of my wife & kids.

See, the kids want to stay up with dad. But, when they are SO hard to wake up in the morning, we know that they must go to sleep early.

So, I try my best to put aside my ideas for the night and lay down with the family.

Sometimes it works, other times I lay there with my brain on overdrive!!

A couple things have helped me though. No caffeine after around 3pm, and no electronic gadgets (pocket PC, PSP, laptop, etc.) within reach to tempt me.

So. That being said - I'll probably bump into you on IM tonight sometime after midnight? Wait - that would officially be tomorrow wouldn't it... sigh...

7:30?!? I wish... usually 5:30 or 6:00 AM for me (notice how many posts I write in the wee hours).

I used to be a night owl, but I just can't do it anymore. I need my 7-8 hours of sleep minimum. And I nap on the weekends.

Did you see that news story about napping during the day being good for you? yeah.

What gets me isn't IKEA commericals but my roommate, who quite literally falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow...

I had major insomnia problems a few years ago, and then it got better. And now, in the last eight days, I've had two nights when I haven't been able to get to sleep before five a.m., and I've noticed that I don't really feel awake and *good* during the day until about 6 p.m. Right now, it's almost midnight, and I feel how I imagine most people feel in the middle of the afternoon... Ah well...

It is 1:06 AM. I hear you on this. My brain does not want to go to sleep when my body wants to.

Ugh, i gotta be at work at 7:30 which means the alarm goes off at 6AM. yuck

Haha kinda funny as I was just at IKEA bed shopping. They have so many options!

I was just thinking to plop down and get the most expensive one (Cause if there is one concrete rule in this world, it is that things that cost more are better quality :-P) But then I got to thinking: "Even if its supposidly *the best and most expensive*, it is still coming from IKEA. How good could it be?" I mean, if I'm going to spend hundreds or thousands on a bed I should be making a good choice right?

Needless to say the best one was quite comfy, though that judgment can't really be made with a few nights rest on it.

I guess we'll see where I end up getting my bed and as a result catching some better ZzZZzZZZzzZ's. :-)

Try making after dinner a relaxing time. No planning, no doing of chores, just relaxing. If you feel guilty about this you have to realize that if you sleep well you will get so much more done tomorrow! Also, I always read before I go to bed. It helps me distance myself from my own concerns and problems.Come on now - IKEA is showing a stereotyped dream family existance! This is not real for anyone!

I'm a night owl too. So why I have a job where I start work at 7am is beyond me!

I think I need to get some of that under eye cream...

Kerri, you might just have to get used to it. I'm the same way -- I doubt I've gone to bed before midnight in months, and I get up at 6:45 every morning. (Today I woke up before my alarm went off.) I know that it's because I'm wired tightly and I simply can't go to bed until the hard drive in my head has spun all the way down. It's not stress, it's just cerebral churning. I would bet my life that you have similar issues.

I've gotten used to it, though. I can exist just fine on 6 hours of sleep, even less. My girlfriend hates me for it -- she needs at least 8, better with 9 -- but that's how I am.

I don't have any suggestions that are likely to be helpful, other than to do things that tire you out intellectually, and try to fall asleep and wake up at roughly the same time every day. That will help your body adjust.

That, and lots of eye cream. Which brand do you use? ;-)

Hi, Kerri! I feel the same way about some of the things your wrote in this post. I try to go to bed by 11pm every night, to attempt to get a full night's sleep. I actually don't have trouble getting to sleep, for me the problem is disciplining myself to get into bed and unwind. I have always had trouble waking up in the morning, and I've also had my thyroid checked a few times, but its fine! Just recently, I have started getting better and getting up and moving earlier. Good luck!

Try a guided relaxation meditation. It took me a while (couple months) to really get it down, but that was almost 10 years ago and it has really cured me of the whirring mind syndrome.
Also, when your thyroid was checked, was the doctor using the "new" endocrinologist standards? Come to find out mine has been sub-par a few years, but within the old normal limits so left untreated until last summer.
Good luck - insomnia sucks!

I get about 3 solid hours of sleep a night, the other 3 are spent laying in bed thinking....

I don't think I've had 8 straight hours since highschool.

I agree with Kim; I can't get through one of Bernie Siegal's meditations without conking out. But my ultimate sleep aid: Daniel reading to me.

It has to be something sort of pleasant and bland. Something that doesn't stir up a lot of new thoughts, but is enteresting enough to turn off my own. We read all of the Little House on the Prarie books (and some of them are, bizarrely, damn creepy), and are on to Italo Calvino's gigantic Italian Folktales book. It only takes about 15 minutes, and I'm gone.

Good luck finding your ultimate sleep aid! I hope it comes to you soon...

Cut the caffiene!

trust me. it's jacking up your sleep. however, I'm addicted to diet coke, so I can't talk.

Believe me, you have loads of sleep.Youll know this when you do have kids.
Good luck, great blog.

Hey Keri,
I'm usually a lurker, (mom to a type 1) and have a hard time falling asleep as well as am a very light sleeper, ie if woken up I have a hard time going back to sleep. I find if I keep a notebook by my bed and jot down the things that are running through my mind, usually work related, then I can "let go" of them and relax. I also just got a bottle of melatonin that are chewable (Trader Joes) and I take one of those to help me fall asleep occasionally. They are non-addictive and were recommended by my ob-gyn. They seem to work. Also being physically tired helps me get to and stay asleep.

Good luck, being sleep deprived is no fun.

Hey Keri,
Do what you can to get more sleep. It seems that scientific research is showing more and more how important it is that we get enough sleep, and I think the importance of it is as important as diet and exercise. Plus, it has been shown that our short-term memories are consolidated into long-term memories during sleep. (So sleep is especially important for you students out there!) I'm not one to talk, really, but I make a pretty big effort to get close to 8 hours when I can.

I don't know what your exercise routine is but I find that with regular exercise, my body starts sending me pretty strong signals to get to bed! (eg, my eyes won't stay open anymore!)

I think having a regular sleep cycle helps with fatigue, too. As you know, insulin needs vary in a 24-cycle, and it's only one of many hormones that probably act that way.

It is tough to get in the habit... I made a goal this month to get 7 hours of sleep 3 nights per week and then increased that to 8 hours of sleep 3 nights per week. Small steps...


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