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Do You Yoga?

I hear the tousling and her thrashing. 

Easing one eye open and listening to the sounds in the hallway, I toss back the covers and slowly climb out of bed.  I wanted to catch her in the act.   

The sounds from the hallway crescendo to a frenzy, then stop.  I grab my camera from the bureau and slide open the shutter.  Peeking out into the hallway, I see Abby and her kill.

Abby and her prey.


Apparently Ms. Sausage is rubbing off on the fat cat.

In other news, I will be laying out on a white-sand beach in St. John, drinking Virgin Island Pale Ale, and not even thinking about my email exactly two weeks from today. 

And in other, other news, I'm giving some thought to taking yoga for a spin.  Does anyone out there do yoga?  Or practice yoga?  (And can you explain the difference between practicing and doing?  Can "yoga" be both a noun and a verb?)  I'm very anxious about the idea of trying out a new workout that may require being graceful and flexble - two things I am not - but I like very much the concept of long, lean muscles.  What's your take?


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Yoga is no longer a thing that you can really say anything definitive about. There are a zillion different kinds now and you just have to try a class and see if you like. I think saying "practice" is a bit pretentious ... but when a teacher complimented me on my "practice" the other night, I had no problem with that... I am a slave to praise.

nice to see some media coverage of Abby ;)

Yoga? no. Kellogg's yummy yogurt covered fruitsnacks also known as Yogos? Yes!

I think yoga classes are great. Especially if you are bored with workouts, having an instructor and a whole class with you doing stuff together is way easier than suffering through 20 boring minutes on the treadmill or whatnot.

We have not yet made it to Yoga, although I am still trying to convince big blue bear that it would be helpful with his MS. Make sure you let us know how it goes.=)

Delurking to point you to http://www.yogabeans.com/

I practice (or do) power Vinyasa yoga. It is probably one of the most intense workouts I have ever done. I would wholeheartedly recommend trying it out. If you want to build lean muscle, it is the best. I drop my basal to 90% and have a small juice box next to me for just in case. I started to get my arms in better shape for the wedding and I cannot stop. I haven't felt or looked better in a long time! Let me know how you like it.

I used to do (practise, whatever) yoga. Stop laughing. I sucked, but I liked it. I'm about as flexible as a 2 x 4, so it was hard, but it was relaxing.

St. John. Bi-yatch. *sigh*

Neppie (torbie) will start chewing on dirty clothes and drag them all the way from our bedroom down towards the laundry area. Seriously. (Kari, orange tabby & Neppie's littermate, will chew on the clothes that are on me. Sometimes Greg, but usually me - our vet friend thinks they were separated from mama cat too early.)

I'm jealous that you get to be in St John before I get to be in Hawaii. (7 weeks from tomorrow, though...)

I have done yoga on a couple of workout DVD's. I want to take a class, but my schedule is all screwy for that. I LOVE my balance ball, though.

I do Yoga as excercise. I don't know if the word can be used as a verb. You can probably get more information from the Yoga Forums.

Love yoga. Love it. Not so much as a power workout, but more as a stretching, breathing, not-thinking type thing. Love it.

Tried a few times, fell asleep in one of the classes HA - but always intend to try another class! Too many kinds - yoga, power yoga, ashtanga yoga, hot yoga - oh my, someone tell me which one to do! Hey Madonna swears by it eh

Love it too, but takes lots of patience. Each workout you will find yourself more flexible and feeling better. I also suggest lowering your basal. Even though you don't feel like you are doing much cardio, you really are! my bloodsugar drops drastically every practice.

I've tried yoga. It requires focus, the ability to stretch and breathe at the same time, and inner peace. In other words, I won't be trying it again! But it was fun to watch a bunch of ladies trying and failing to balance on one foot, and it was nice to try something new.

I've been doing yoga in various capacities for years and I love it. I've taken classes, done it on my own and used DVDs. It makes me feel taller, leaner and more "bendy." Most importantly, it reminds me to breathe, put things in perspective and live in the moment.

For me, I liked starting with classes as it gave me the confidence and guidance to eventually do it on my own. DVDs can move pretty fast and can be distracting from focusing on your breathing and the sensations of moving in your body. DVDs came in handy after I learned the basics and I only needed a guide. In choosing a class, I found that the instructor was more important than the type of class or yoga.

You'll have fun on your yoga jouney..it will be a good one. Namaste.

I recently rented a yoga/ballet/cardio exercise video from the video store. It had been so cold out, so I wasn't walking much and I realized that I needed to exercise more. Anyway, I loved it! It was a very dynamic sort of yoga, and my 3 year old daughter tried to do the moves as well--very cute! It was a great workout and I felt really good afterwards. I think I did it 3 times before I had to return it, but I will rent it again.

When I was at school I used to practice yoga for 2 hours 3 times a week and for 1 hour at a proper class each sunday.

it makes you feel really great. I just stopped going though, i should really take it up again.

Hi Kerri

Last year, I found a Geri Halliwell (who? I hear you say?)Learn Yoga DVD in a bargain bin for Aus$2! (For those who are still scratching their heads... Geri Halliwell is better known as Ginger Spice from the 90's girlband from Manchester, THE SPICE GIRLS!) She was always the really voluptuous one who had plenty of bosom spilling out of her corset, bright red hair and a mini dress made out of a Union Jack. When the band kinda..sucked harder than when the did whilst they were making a million dollars a second, she went all skeletal and tiny and got down to about 41kgs. Anyway to steer the eating disorder claims away, she released these two DVDS that were pushed in the direction of teenage girls who wanted to try yoga for good health. They are conducted by a professional yoga teacher, and Spice just does a lot of inane chatting about how famous she is (was), whilst a group of 4 others all do the workout at different levels of intensity. One afternoon, Demarco came inside and I instantly knew that he was high..(our well meaning but highly frustrating neighbour USED to give him "treats" ..."pooor baby...how can Mum deprive you like that? He's only young once, Mum..." grrrrrrrrrr..(she has learnt her lesson don't you worry, and Demarco has learnt to say a very polite but firm NO THANK YOU to chocolate, sweets or carnival popcorn dripping in butter.(" Can I have some popcorn with that butter please?") Back to Demarco. 24.7mmol after a toffee apple.( His reasoning for eating it was that there was an apple inside of it. Never mind the pure sugar encasing it in a 2 centimetre crust!!!!) After getting him to drink lots of fresh water, I asked him if he would like to go for a bike ride. No. Trampoline? No. Then, I thought of my bargain Yoga DVD! I got out a yoga mat, and rearranged some furniture,put the DVD on, and he was hooked AFTER seeing some before and after pics of Geri. He did the easy version,and kept up well, despite feeling crummy. By the way.. after a year, he can now get his feet wrapped around his head! When asked about yoga, Demarco replied that he loves the way it makes his legs and arms feel after his finished-"really energised and powerful." He also says that it helps him BREATHE better when he can feel a hypo coming. Ginger does lots of in and out , in and out breathing routines throughout the session, which Demarco imitates perfectly.) This comment of Demarco's left me gobsmacked temporarily-only because a few days before, I busted him gazing in wonderment at a totally innocent pre-Hollywood Jessica Simpson pic in a Boy's Disney Mag.. Now I had thoughts of Demarco pre hypo visualising Ginger Spice jumping out of a cake made entirely with sugar and thrusting thrusting handfuls of cream and sugared almonds into my little 6 year old's mouth..(I am heartbroken at the way kid's are losing their precious innocence so soon..)So now, we have the Bindi Irwin exercise DVD and some other less "in your face" yoga DVD's. It is excellent for him when he is totally loaded up with sugar, and the thought of the Aussie sun pounding down on him turns him off outdoor exersize. By the way, after we got through 30 minutes of the DVD where Ginger Spice first seduced my son , his bsl was a gorgeous 7mmol. Cow.

woh, lots of comments! i love yoga. i take classes about twice a week at my gym. i also like pilates. the classes i take both end up being quite similar. generally i do it as part of my stretching/cool down after an intense run. alot of breathing practice, and holding poses for extended periods of time.

i haven't been paying attention to how it affects my muscles, but it certainly has been great for ending workouts or just relaxing in general. wakes me up in the morning and makes me sleep like a baby at night. i love it.

I don't get to do Yoga often because it can be pricey, however, every time i've done it I loved it. I come out of the class all floaty and aware of my body in such a positive way, even when the poses are difficult. I'm all stretchy and warm and I imagine this is what cats must feel like. Not that you know me to appreciate my opinion per se, but i vote a major yes to yoga. (I go to an Anyusara yoga studio.)

Hiya Kerri! SUM is lookin' good. I just started yoga about three weeks ago. I think you will LOVE it (at least, I hope you will...it has made a huge difference for me already). I have been going about 3 times a week. It is amazing how I already feel different. I wish I would have started years ago - for me it's kinda like a workout and church, all in one! And since I never shut up, it is extra good for that :) I also tried pilates but yoga seems to relieve stress and help me sleep better. My least favorite type: iyengar. My favorite: hatha.

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