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Grump No. 1:  There's a stye in my eye, I think.  I don't see anything yet, but my eyelid is a little tender and looks slightly Me.puffy.  No eye make up, washing hands compulsively (but not compulsively enough, apparently ...), convinced this is a result of my being up so late this weekend and spending the entire day yesterday rubbing my eyes.  Ugh.  I hope it doesn't become unsightly by the end of the day because I have a very important fella to pick up at the airport tonight. 

Grump No. 2:  I spent yesterday in NYC (more on that tomorrow) and the weather was biting cold.  My hands are a little cracked, so I put some lotion on them.  I tested my sugar at 10:12 am and registered a crispy 343 mg/dl.   What the ... okay, so I whip my pump out of my sock, lace in a few units, and refill my water bottle.

Trot off to the ladies' room.  Wash hands.  Come back to my desk.  Test again, just to see if I'm starting to come down.  10:33 am - 145 mg/dl. 

"Hey, that's great!  The insulin is already wor ... wait a minute."  Falling almost 200 points in 15 minutes?  Oh shit. 

Apparently I forgot about the hand lotion.  Damn it.

Now chasing insulin with juice to ward off the low I am currently cruising towards.  Foolish Kerri.  Thank goodness dLife has a constant stash of cranberry-apple juice at the ready.  I may need it today. 

Footnote of Happiness:  Chris is coming home tonight!  His girlfriend, who will have a ripe little eye infection and a belly full of cranberry juice by tonight, is happy to improve this crummy day with the sight of him.


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The same thing happened with me today. I had washed my hands and was going to test but got called off at work and ended up making some tea with sugar for some people and making them up a biscuit (cookie) platter for a meeting they were having.

I tested after doing this and had a really high result. It didn't seem right but I just decided to correct.

I washed my hands and tested 45 mins later to find I'd dropped so much and so ended up drinking copious amounts of chocolate milk. I wasn't too bothered though, because i LOVE chocolate milk.


I did something similar on Friday. It was my friend's birthday, so I decided that instead of eating the huge panini that I bolused for, I would just eat half and see if there would be food there. There wasn't. Between dinner and the correction, I had 11 units of insulin on board and I was 160 when I left the house! Blood sugars were pretty evened out with the cranberry juice in my vodka crans, but I ended up going low twice later on and gorging on Taco Bell at 2 in the morning so I could drive home. I should have just eaten the food.

After reading that Wikipedia entry, I'm thinking of bringing you a freshly laid egg.

I had a bloodsugar of 452 this afternoon for no good reason. I tested again after handwashing 438 - hmmm... So I gave myself a healthy dose of insulin. It is 1.5 hours later - and I'm am 68. Impossible? I think so. But what explains those readings? Damn it. I just want an explanation. Or a freshly laid egg.

While you were in NYC, I was too! We disembarked yesterday and I still feel like I'm on the ship. Everything is swaying and tilting....

Vicki and Allison - Chasing insulin with food ... food with insulin ... UGH to the whole freaking mess. :)

To Shannon and the Whole 'Sphere Who Missed Shannon - YAY! Shannon is back!

N - And a freshly laid egg is nothing against the power of my cat's tail. :D Oh, I still need to call you. I'll be traveling through RI tonight at lightning speed. Will call you en route.

Oh man, I hate when I do something stupid like that. And then other times I really am high.

I get sties from time to time - usually from stress. (Crying because of stress gets germies in there?, I don't know.)

Greg's first-thing-in-the-morning reading was 329 yesterday. He said no way, he'd be peeing like a racehorse.

I had JUST been thinking when changing hte batteries in the mp3 player that he hadn't changed the batteries in his meter since he got it last spring.

So I suggested that he change the batteries before taking a correcting dose of insulin. Good thing he did - next reading (about 10 mins later) was 222. So, still needed insulin, of course, but not THAT MUCH.

Well, Kerri, at least you didn't take 12 units of Novolog instead of Lantus in the morning. I did that several months ago in my pre-pump days and ended up with about a liter of cranberry juice in my stomach. Yech. I hope you succeed in averting the low (and don't rebound into a nasty high either)!

On the weather in NYC currently: I can't seem to find the right coat...am too cold in my autumn-ish coat (especially when the wind picks up) but I got sweaty this morning in my winter coat...sometimes NYC can be v. difficult to deal with, weatherwise ;)

Today is just the day for high readings! Changed my set this morning and headed out to work. By lunch I was 485! I didn't even feel bad or else I would have checked it sooner. Of course I had no set change with me...so here I am at home for lunch. Yep! User error...inserted crooked. Lovely! Tomorrow has to be better for all of us!

It helps me to set a mental guesstimate of what my blood sugar is before I test. That way, if it comes up much higher than I anticipated, I'll double-check that one before doing anything drastic.

I hate wasting the strip but it beats chasing blood sugars up and down all day too.

Anyhoo, my 2 cents but what do I know.

I guess you should "rub eyes when needed" ;) I am relatating to:
Sore eyes, chapped dry hands, chris (going to the airport friday(me)), but not a bs of 343 down to 145....OUCH.
Footnote: My eye infection is what prompted me (more or less) to start blogging a year ago.
P.P.S..i read your blog lots just havent commented :(

I know this post was like forever ago, but I just finished reading the archives. I have to say, this post just saved me. I usually need a mid-afternoon snack, so I tested and was over 300. I'm like WTF?!?! I had like 30g of carbs for lunch. Not possible. I remembered this post, washed my hands of the lotion I put on earlier, and retested. 145. Much more reasonable. Thanks Kerri!

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