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Even More Goodies!

What makes a writer a writer?  I've mused about this a bit over at EXIST and discussed it with my boyfriend at length.  Is it recognition?  The ability to spell?  Owning an old, almost rusted typewriter that inspires you to spin out crime novels?   

Hmmm ... maybe I'm on to something with that typewriter.

Last weekend, NurseBestFriend and I ventured into NYC to explore the flea market circuit.  We checked out one on Columbus Street (The Flea and Green Market?  I can't remember what it was called.) and I saw it. 

It's in here somewhere...

Buried in a metal working kiosk, a tray of rings made out of actual typewriter keys waited for me to come and find my "K."

"K" is for Writer?

And now, in a fit of unbridled ridiculousness, I feel like a real writer.  I also feel like a goofy fool, but I'm trying to ignore that glitch.  I love this ring.  I think it's cool, despite the fact that it keeps getting stuck on my gloves.


Also, it's my complete pleasure to annouce that there are two new Viewpoints columnists over at dLife:  Christel of DiabeticFeed and Rachel from Tales of my Thirties.  Welcome to the fray, guys!  And congratulations on joining the dLife team. 


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That ring is beautiful!

Very cool!

You must wear it when you get hit with writers block - it will bless you with super powers to blast right through that damn block.

You could also always write about that kitten farm...


I was pleasantly surprised to see the new additions to the group at dLife! Awesome!

Oh, that's so cool! I need to get one of those. It's all Dashiell Hammet, archie and mehitabel, Ernest Hemingway 'n' shit.

I would have bought it too. Either that, or ESC. (perhaps "insert" just to be dirty...)

Great ring!

Wow, I would totally wear one of those.

By the way, if you ever feel like traipsing through the flea markets in my fair city, give me a call, won'tcha?

Also, I think you mean Columbus AVE., not ST. (I went to grad school on Columbus Ave.).

Oh Kerri, can you please, please get me a ring like that with an "A" on it? I'm old enough to have actually used a typewriter, remember!

And thank you for announcing the new columnists. Can wait to read them :)

That ring is awesome!

Thanks for the mention and everything else. Despite a rough few weeks at work & with family stuff, I've had something to look forward to with the column. :)

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