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Delayed. But hark ... is that Jodi Picoult?

Paper plane from LAXLeave work early to travel north to pick up Chris at the airport.  As soon as I leave Westport, the sky opens up and throws down fistfuls of snow at the highway, making it not unlike driving through an enormous down comforter.  Traffic crawls to a halt. 

In addition to the literal snowfall, a flurry of phone calls, emails, and text messages comes streaming into my phone.  Flight delayed.  Flying into JFK.  Delays due to the weather.  Not sure when arriving in RI.  Gives me the flight number.  I plug it into the Delta alert system so I'll get automatic emails on my phone with his itinerary.

Snow falls and sticks to my windshield.  The wind is whipping my little VW around like a kite.  Despite the raging, random blizzard, I decide now is the time to test my blood sugar.  185 mg/dl.  Reach like a gymnast into my sock for the pump.  Lace in a few tenths.  Continue the arduous drive.

Arrive in RI.  What do I do now?  I have no idea where he is, or when his plane is arriving, or where it's even coming in to.  I feel like Donnie Darko, in a completely tangled time/space pocket.

Call my friend Batman. 

"Hey.  Chris's flight is completely screwed up.  I have no clue where he is.  Can I come crash at your place for a few hours?"

"Um, I'm not home."

"Okay, where are you?"

"Dude, come to the Providence Place Mall and meet me.  Jodi Picoult is doing a book signing.  I already bought you a book.  It was supposed to be a surprise!  Now you can just do it yourself."  Her grin comes through the phone and melts some of the snow on my windows.

Jodi Picoult?  Only one of my favorite authors.  (I've read everything she's put out and I'm currently knee-deep in her latest, Nineteen Minutes.)  And now she's 30 minutes from where I'm sitting on the highway?  Can't think of a better way to kill time waiting for Chris to touch down.

I have to admit - I like talking to pretty much anyone.  I don't become very nervous.  But when I was standing next to Jodi and introducing myself, I definitely felt my knees buckle a small bit. 

Me and (gasp!) Jodi Picoult?


Went back to Batman's house and stole her computer to do some work for a few hours.  The phone continued to holler out updates as to Chris's status:  Departing at 9:39 pm.  Arriving at 11 pm.  Arriving at 12:47 am.  Arriving at 1:49 am.  Holy delay.  Chris will be flying the plane himself.  Arriving at 2:59 am. 

At three in the morning, the phone finally rang.  I unraveled myself from Batman's couch, where I had been trying to catnap, and grumbled out a muffled "Eh?"

"I am finally, finally here, baby."

At three-thirty in the morning, after almost 24 hours of traveling, Chris was finally home.  And, like the lunatics we are, we drove home from RI to CT, arriving back here at 5:45 in the morning.  I drove back, existing solely off of the adrenaline of meeting Jodi Picoult and the excitement of having my boyfriend back home.  We crashed into bed, upsetting two small kitties who were sleeping and earning dirty looks from their furry selves.  


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You have a female friend named Batman? Interesting.

What an adventurous day you had! We got hit by that freak blizzard too.

I love, love, love, Jodi Picoult! My Sisters Keeper - nothing compares. When I see someone reading it, I always start talking to them about it. Ha! Very cool you spontaneously got to meet her, Kerri!

I met Maeve Binchy once and was positively stupid with nerves. It was so cool. I know a lot of people rag on her, but I love her books.

How cool that you got a picture with Jodi Picoult! I like her, too.

I LOVED My Sister's Keeper!! I'm going to get Nineteen Minutes next! Glad you both made it home safely!

Bobby - She has a "real girl" name, but on the site she goes by Batman.

Shannon - It was like driving through whiteout. Awful weather to come back to after your wonderful cruise!!

Jill - You should have come home to RI. :) She was right there at the Providence Place Mall!

Julia - My friend is a huge Maeve Binchy fan. I'm sure she's reading your comment and turning green with envy! And yeah, when I met Jodi Picoult, I was stupid with nerves. Perfect way to say it.

Nina - My Sister's Keeper was the first book I read of hers. I have recommended it to everyone I can think of. :)

I've got to read some Jodi Picoult... I'm read nothing but assigned or thesis related history books for the last few years!

You are super photogenic Kerri! Great picture!

I was just reading the latest People magazine a little while ago and they have a review of her latest book giving it 4 stars....

Kerri - You look radiant in that picture.

I think I need to have a boyfriend that's a former personal trainer. Clearly, you've been good about working out with Larry. :)

I'm sending you directions to our house. I look forward to seeing you!

Kerri: My Jodi Picoult story: Nineteen Minutes was released Monday and I picked up my copy on the way home. Tuesday noon, my daughter called, she's high 500's, vomiting!! I have her test ketones, large! (first time ever) I cab to hospital and meet her and nanny at ER. Severe DKA, time to admit to PICU. Very scary, but she's better now. And for two hospital days, I had Jodi's new one to read. It was a lifeline ... and another winner.

I was shopping for a new book at Target yesterday and remembered this post. I picked up "My Sister's Keeper". So far so good! :)

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