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Off and Running.

Bullet points barely even cover it, but here goes:

Bullet tree.We're leaving tonight to go spend the evening in NYC, then fly out to St. John tomorrow morning.  I am SO EXCITED that I almost forgot to pack extra pump supplies.  (Never fear - I remembered last minute.)  I tried on everything I owned last night in efforts to weed out what I "really need" and to be able to pack light.  So far, my suitcase weighs about 48 lbs.

  • This Sunday, I will be featured in a dLife segment called "Diabetes 911," in which I tell the story of my one experience with the paramedics.  (I wrote about it here, way back when I first started the blog.)  It's airing this Sunday on CBNC at 7 o'clock.  Here's a link to a portion of the clip, for a sneak preview!  I sound very serious, but at least I'm speaking slowly, for once.

  • There are new d-blogs cropping up every time I turn around.  There are some recent additions ones on the blogroll today - check out Lori over at Bittersweet Surrender, or EstrogenMoment, or Diabetes Self-Care.  Everytime I turn around, there's another blog or website that has joined the chorus.  Cheers to all of these new voices!  Welcome to the blogosphere.  (If I'm missing your blog from Ye Olde Blogroll and you want to be added, please send me an email.  The more the merrier!)

  • "Charlie, Charlie!  Come with us to Candy Mountain!"  Please tell me you've seen this ridiculous YouTube clip.  It makes so little sense thaShush the non-believer!  Shush ...t I've watched it seventeen times, with glee.  (Hey Tom - it's Charlie!)

  • I spent the entire day yesterday bouncing from the trenches of a low to the crispy peaks of the 200's.  Today has been a significant improvement, leaving me content and in the mid-hundreds.  I can't figure out those completely random blood sugar days - it's like there's no rhyme or reason to any of it.  But I'm hoping that some relaxation will make it all a little smoother.  Nothing says "calm" like rolling around in a bunch of clown fish poop.  (Shannon, I can't think of beaches the same way anymore.  You've officially corrupted me.)

Bullet tree.That's it.  I'm out of here in t-minus 6 hours.  No email, no internet, no ringing phones or jampacked PO boxes or anything that even remotely resembles work.  And I have no intention of blogging from the beach, but I can't guarantee it - I think I may be addicted.  (And as far as the meet-up in NYC goes, I'm doing my best to make it there on Sunday!) 

I'll see you on the 26th!


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Have lots of relaxing fun!

(Now I need to remember to set the VCR since we'll be on our way to a hockey game on Sunday...)

Ooohhhh Kerri's a big-shot TV star now!

Have fun on vacation!

I'm so jealous and so happy for you - ENJOY!

Have fun, and most of all relaxation!!

Have a Great and Refreshing trip Kerri!

I am gonna make sure the Simmons Family does the "wave" on the couch when your segment comes on! SWEET

Have a great time. I'm dead jealous. I hope you can make it on Sunday, but if not, we'll have to try to get together sometime soon.

Oh, and that Charlie thing? Really friggin' annoying. O is obsessed with it.

Have fun! We'll be sure to have another annoying animated clip ready to entertain you upon your return.

OMFrakkinG - Charlieeeeeeee

Dude, you just made some shrink rich. That would be the shrink treating my sudden and debilitating fear of the color pink.

And yet, I am oddly cleansed....

ENJOY!!!! No two harder working people deserve this more. Sweet justice. I can almost taste her ;)


Have a great time on your trip, Kerri. I'm soooo jealous right now as I sit here and we are under the warning of another snowstorm hitting us. ARGHHH!!!

Think of me as you walk on those warm sandy white beaches *sniff sniff*.

Can't wait to hear all about it when you return!

Thanks for the link to your paramedics episode. SO similar to my one and only experience with the paramedics. Except I was violent and I wouldn't stay still for the instaglucose, so they had to hold me down and IV my foot... which i kicked loose twice. I didn't lose consciousness, but i guess when yer low enough, you don't form memories, so the first thing I remember was the paramedic asking me if I could hold my leg still. I thought it was the most ridiculous question,. so I mocked him by saying "ooh, this is hard work, look at me holding my leg still".
Once I was told what I did, I apologized profusely for quite a while...
Anyway, thank you for sharing that.


Nice interview. And a good article all round.

I hope that you don't get hounded by paparazzi too much while on vacation! :-)

I just watched the dlife segment. It was very interesting and well-done! Good job! I hope you have a wonderful vacation and that you come back refreshed.

Thanks for posting the link. You did great on there! We watch dLife every Sunday so now I can tell my husband that I kind of "know" someone on there. lol.

Oh, and thanks for the Charlie thing. I can't stop watching it for some odd reason! ;o)

Have a fun night!

Thanks for posting the link. Super cool. Also, thanks for posting my link. I appreciate it.

Regarding Michael's comment, I had a very similiar incident the only time an ambulance has been to my home. I was very agitated and ripped the IV out three times. It was not pretty but, I don't remember any of it.

Have a blast!

I'm ready Lord, take me now--I have made the SUM blog---you can all blame me for Charlie. It was me,it was me Charlie...I'm at fault, I'm at fault Charlie--enjoy the sun you two-----pink unicorns and pink elephants--you gotta be on vacation...tee hee.

Nice spot on dLife.
You mean you don't normally talk that calmly?

Hope you have a great trip!!!! :)

I love reading your blog! its so interesting, and so i added you to my blogroll. :) hope you don't mind.

Have a great day, :)


Hi. My name is Jenna and I'm new to this whole Blogging thing! I actually got the inspiration from reading your blog! You are an amazing writer and reading your blog always makes me laugh...I hope you dont mind my randomness.

Also, hope you are having a great trip!

Hahahaha and that Charlie video is absolutly hilarious (yet somewhat annoying and repeatative)...my friends and I found that a while back, and I thought it was funny you had it on a post!

Anyways, thank you for being an inspiration to me and putting a smile on my face with your words! Looking forward to reading more posts when you return!


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