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This whole place looks like postcards. 

Trunk Bay

White sand beaches, (Which, Shannon was completely right.  They are a product of fish poop, or at least a large percentage of the sand is.  I was impressed and horrified, all in one fell swoop. A poop swoop.  Oh dear, I've already digressed.)  towering palm trees, and the clearest, most crystalline water I have ever seen.

St. John is a small island and very hilly (read: we drove up mountains at a 60 degree incline in a Ford Taurus ... more on that rental car later), so every clearing in the road provided a new, more spectacular view than the last. 


Out of the dozens of beaches on the island, we stopped at as many as possible.  Armed with our bookbags, a beach blanket, and bathing suits, Chris and I tanned at Hawksnest, snorkeled with trumpet fish in Trunk Bay, and climbed down a secret staircase to Gibney's beach.  My insulin pump joined us on these excursions, laying sand-free and safely in a little zipper bag by my side.  Funny thing is, we were so active and swimming around most of the day that I remained disconnected for 45 minutes stints at times.  I tested frequently, but blood sugars stayed stable for the most part.  (However, infusion sets did not.  All that salt water had my sites peeling back after barely three days.) 

Safe and sound little insulin pump.

At these postcard beaches, we snorkeled, after a fashion.  Being a little wary of sharks and other sea critters, Chris and I found ourselves with masks, snorkels, and about eight inches of water.  It was kind of silly, despite the fact that we were having a blast.  We saw little tropical fish scooting around near their coral homes, trumpet fish (that we called "baby barracudas" because it made us sound tougher), and these white, tropical fish that kept circling our heads.  Despite the fact that we're a little bit chicken, we eventually ventured out into the deep.  All was well until we heard two small children excitedly exclaim, "Hey Mom!  We just saw a hu-uuuge octopus!"  Huge?  Octopus?

It was at that point we swam like hell back to the shore.

But there was also our frequent visits to The Tap Room.  And then there was that freaking car.  Oh, and I can't forget the wild road pigs.  How about that Eco-Tent?  And the hike to Ram Head?  More to come.  :)

(And thank you so much for your congratulations messages!  We are so excited and are already in the planning phases of our wedding.  Bridezilla, here I come!)


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See...what did I tell you about the sand, LOL.

And weren't those hills killer!! Better than a rollercoaster ride. It's amazing how they just go straight up and straight down. I guess they don't believe in beating around the bush so to speak.

It looks beautiful, Kerri. And you got some much-needed, well-deserved R&R!

I look forward to hearing more.

Because I am a mom, I thought immediately of an episode of "Arthur" where his young sister is convinced that a huge octopus lives in their local lake. It made it even funnier, for me :)

The scenery looks absolutely beautiful... your pump bag is too cute! :)

I noticed that you've already added The Knot to your links on the right. Have fun with planning!

Worse case of Bridezilla-ness I've ever come across: a certain individual in my family -whom I love dearly and will remain nameless - asked her bridesmaids to all dye their hair the same colour so that they would all "look right" in their burgandy dresses. Yikes.

Those pics look great! I am glad you guys had a great time.

Poop Swoop! LMAO too funny.

*sigh* It's so pretty there. I don't know how you managed to come back.

Hey, now, listen. About this marriage thing. You do realize that this will be a mixed marriage, right? You don't have to convert or anything, do you? And what about the children, if you have any? How will you raise them? These are things you really need to think long and hard about. I mean, really, Red Sox Nation needs every member it can get.

calm blue ocean. 24 days away. calm blue ocean.

That's what your pics reminded me of, that calm blue ocean in Hawaii in 24 days.

I needed those moments of relaxation today at work, let me tell ya!

Julia raises an excellent point. Settle this one before you get put down any deposits on hall, band, or photographer!

Sorry, your kids have no choice. Soon to be mother in law is way too powerful.

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