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Some Goodies.

UPDATE:  The call for RoundTable Participants has been updated.  The people have spoken! 

First off, dLife is looking for some people to join in a dLife Round Table Discussion, to be aired on Round Table.dLifeTV.  Here's the lowdown:

"dLifeTV is looking for people with diabetes to participate in a few 'Roundtable Discussions' that will be taped for television. We’re looking for people over the age of 18 who are living with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Age, gender, race, profession, and marital status do not matter although, ideally, we’re looking for a diverse group of people.

What does matter is that you’ve been living with diabetes for at least three years and are eager to share your stories about the ongoing struggle of living with diabetes. We want people who have discovered habits, routines, support systems, and other treatment tips that they would like to share with the nation’s diabetes community.

dLife is also searching for some 'type 3' people—spouses, life partners, significant others, parents, or children of people who live with diabetes. In other words, people who do not have diabetes themselves but who play a significant role in keeping loved ones healthy."

This will be filmed in Westport, CT in the first week of April, so if you live near here, this could be wicked fun.  Drop me an email by March 14th with your name, home address, telephone number, as well as your age, your diabetes type, and a short bit about why you think you would be an asset to these discussions.  And act fast - April is just around the corner!

Secondly, the new fitness intitiative, Fitness4Diabetics is offering up a free web seminar tonight, March 6th, at 7 PM EST.  The web seminars are free, informative, and hosted by a certified diabetes educator.  The topic is 100% Fad Free Dieting and Glycemic Index and is hosted by Susan Meeke, who is a registered dietician and CDE.  To join the live visual presentation, click here.  The web seminar's call number and access code is:

Phone No.  1 605 725 1900

Access code # 678678

Look for my interview with David Weingard, founder and CEO of Fitness4Diabetics, in the next few days.

And thirdly, Chris is home safely.  I met Jodi Picoult last night.  And I drove home to CT at 5 in the morning.  More on that tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'm taking a freaking nap.


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It has been busy at DLife! You met Jodi Picoult? How cool is that! She is one of my favorites. I love The Pact.

You met Jodi Picoult?! I've only read My Sister's Keeper but I loved it. I read it on an airplain. I was sitting next to a stranger (male) and he kept look over at me as tears trailed down my cheek. I think he was relieved when we disembarked! Then my parents got me--practically hysterial over a book that's fiction!

When there is one for people with not so excellent control I will sign up! :)

I echo George's comment

1 am - 5 am are the only hours driving through CT is tolerable... (must there ALWAYS be construction???)

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