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Virgin Islands Pale Ale ... and Road Critters.

Right off the plane, we trot over to Budget to pick up the keys to our rental Jeep.

"Reservation for Chris Sparling, please."  Chris leans against the counter and we revel briefly in the fact that we're now in our tropical paradise.

"We don't have a car for you."  The customer service representative behind the counter snaps her gum.

"Excuse me?  I have a reservation.  I gave my credit card weeks ago to hold this Jeep."

"Reservation doesn't guarantee a vehicle, sir." 

Re-serve (verb): to retain or secure by express stipulation.

After much discussion, Chris and I ended up in a Taurus instead of a Jeep Wrangler.  Not the best arrangement for our hilly St. John adventure, but we were determined to keep it from ruining our vacation.  (By the way, an eight page letter is en route to Budget as we speak.) 

Road Cow

However, we weren't the only "bulls" on the road.  Driving along the windy streches of road in St. John, we were accosted by wild pigs charging from the woods, a handful of bleating goats, and a few big ol' Road Cows. 

The view from the Tap Room.

We stayed for part of our trip with one of Chris's friends, enjoying the beer he and his business partner created and drinking into the wee hours of the night at their bar - The Tap Room.  You have to try the Virgin Islands Pale Ale.  I'm not a beer drinker, but this stuff is so nice and mango-infused that it tastes much better than the regular "carbonated bread" tasting beer nonsense.  Note:  0.8u Humalog per one beer, for me. 

The Engagement Eco-Tent.  :)

For the other part of our trip (the engagement part!), we stayed at the Concordia Eco-Tents, which were tucked into the southern part of the island and provided the most spectacular views.  We  hiked out to Ram Head and saw both breathtaking shorelines ...

The View from Ram Head
... and very odd looking plants.
Odd plants indeed.

And yes, of course I was sure to test along the way.  I tested all across the nine miles of St. John - on the beach, on the hiking trails, in the eco-tent, and on the Red Hook ferry.  And I did my best to keep all test strips contained, though I fear that one may have leapt out as I traveled.  But damn it, I tried!  (Chris, my fiance - yay! - kept snapping diabetes-related pictures as we traveled.  "For the blog, baby."  Ever my content editor.)

Testing blood sugar

We had such a terrific time.  And now we have the next year to plan our wedding.  Do you think Ms. Sausage will be able to behave herself as she traipses down the aisle?  (Yes, I'm kidding.  Mostly.  Damnit, now I have to go get Larry's address so I can send him an invitation.  He's going to be thrilled!)


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Chris is your "finace?" Pronounced like, "fee-NA-chay?" Italian for, "Noah Wyle lookalike?"

I kid. I'm jealous of your St. John vacation. That was one of the destinations I considered last summer, and specifically had looked into the Concordia Eco-tents.

Ahhh! Damn typos. It's been fixed. And I've been shamed. ;)

Hi Kerry! Your pictures make me want to take a trip there this summer. And I see your ring! It's beautiful! I am so happy for you.

Those cacti are obscene.

Lindsey - You should absolutely go there if you have a chance. It was so lovely. (And thank you for noticing my ring. I'll post a "real" picture soon.)

Julia - Precisely.

Wow! That is so awesome! congratulations on the engagement! That all looks so beautiful and fun!

Beautiful pictures of the island Kerri. I too noticed the sparkle on your right hand. Thanks to Chris for the testing picture with the sparkle-y ring!

My, what phallic cacti those were.

What an awesome, unforgettable vacation that must've been.

Kerri--I was just curious, where do you have your pump in the picture with your fiance and his friend? I just got my new Minimed Paradigm, which is a little bit smaller and more rounded than my 508, but I still wonder where to put it with certain clothes. Thanks!

SarahN - My infusion set is in my thigh and my pump is in a pocket I had sewn into the side of the skirt, so it's sort of incognito. :)

Phallic? Those cacti could feed newborns!

Noted: no ring on left hand in first picture, ring on left hand in testing picture. :P

/been hanging around my sister-in-law too much I think....

Those cacti could eat newborns!

Sorry to keep asking about this, but...I would love know: Where is your pocket sewn in the skirt? Inside? Near your hip or lower? Also, how is the pocket sewn? I can't figure out how to sew one in so that the stiching won't show from the outside. Would you prefer me to e-mail you about this? Thanks!

Great pictures! I love the one with the cow lol. Sounds like it was an absolute blast!

The "odd looking plants" in your photo are Turks Heads cactus and having been to St. John (60% National Park) 7 times in the last 27 years (returned from a vacation there a week ago) and hiked the Rams Head trail nearly as often, I was happy to see they're still there. Also, there are no shark problems around St. John and Octopus, if you're real lucky to see one, don't bite.

As I'm a type II diab., plenty of hiking there helped keep my blood sugar down. But yes the VI Pale Ale was great. So was Maho where we stayed for the 4th time, again. Concordia looks beautiful, but Stanley Selengut didn't care that it marrs the view from the National Park. Great for the patrons but not so great for everyone else who wants to preserve the natural beauty that keeps people coming back time and time again. Hope you get to return someday.


Chirag here checking in from St. John. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip down here. The photo of all of us at The Tap Room looks great. I'm happy that you guys were engaged down here so St. John will remain an important part of your life.

Let me know when the next visit is planned? I promise we'll have a brand new Jeep waiting for you!

Take care.

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