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Has A Nice Ring To It.

EXIST Magazine:  Enjoy it while you're young.Busy times.  Already on Coffee No. 3.  This can't be good.  (Actually, it's quite tasty.  Nice hazelnut blend, light on the cream, couple of Equals shoved in there.  Piping hot in my ridiculous SUM mug.)

EXIST Magazine:  The April Edition is live and looming large over at www.existmag.com.  Read up on the latest from the EXIST Magazine staff.  And if you're interested in submitting your own piece to the magazine, send your queries to The Editors.

The 30-60-120 Challenge:  I'm having trouble prioritizing lately.  Tasks are starting to swirl around, and not in the lovely soft-serve ice cream sort of way.  Being the busy couple that we are and in efforts to help prioritize, Chris and I have challenged one another to the "30-60-120 Challenge."  We've set goals for one another at the 30 day, 60 day, and 120 day marks, contingent upon what we know means most to one another.  While my 30 Day and 60 Day goals are writing oriented (see also: Kerri Needs to Finish Her Damn Book), my 120 Day goal is decidedly diabetes-related.  I'm not sure if it was the vacation fun, the excitement of the engagement, or just plain old burnout, but whatever the case, the average on my meter is edging ever closer to 170 mg/dl and I'm disgusted.  Couple of spotty 300's and way too many 200's in the memory of my machine. 

I need to focus and fix this.  Now.

I was talking about it with Chris and he has challenged me to lower my A1c.  It's my 120 Day Challenge.  So, over the next four months, my health focus is to reign in this number.  Regardless of work, wedding, and other assorted bits, diabetes management cannot be cast aside.  Instead, it's become paramount.  My fiance and I will tackle this mess together.  Maybe Siah will help by not prowling all over the bed at night and staring at me while I try and sleep.  It's not easy to fall asleep with a purring, gray diaster pawing at your chin.  Blasted cat.

If you had to set a 30, 60, or 120 Day Challenge for yourself, what would you aim to accomplish?

The Ring:  For those of you who asked to see it, here is my engagement ring.  (Courtney, I'm not sure if the picture I sent you made it through, so this is for you!)  I love it.  The sparkle continuously distracts me and makes me grin.

My ring.  :)



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If you aren't already considering it, you might find that adding Symlin may assist in reducing your A1c, as it tends to reduce your total insulin dosage (which is always beneficial) and addresses postprandial highs.

Um, why isn't that ring on your finger already?

Scott - I've thought about Symlin, but I think I can manage this by just paying better attention. It's all laziness, I think. And if it's not, I'll start thinking about my options.

Lyrehca - Oh, it's on my hand at all times, except for that photo op. My hands are all rotten and bitten nails/dry skin/teeny fingers. If I posted a picture of them, someone may think I'm the crypt keeper. ;)

Wow! Pretty ring (dragging husband to computer to see it....hint-hint)

Again congrats to you both.

Ooooh, shiny, pretty, diamond-y sparklies.

Kerri we have almost the exact same ring, i even have the six prong haha cyber twin!!!

Isn't it nice to be able to say "my fiance"? Wait until you're able to say "my husband"....that'll really throw you for a loop at first.

Good luck with your challenges!! I think it's cool that you and Chris work as a team :)

**EDIT** I LOVE the ring!! Good job, Chris :)

What a beautiful ring! Thanks for posting a picture.

I swear our cats were separated at birth!!
They have decided that bedtime and when I am working on my laptop are the exact times they cannot bear to be apart from me.
Makes for some interesting bodily contortions!! :)

P.S. Symlin is really hard to start on without CGMS. I would avoid it if possible.

Ohhhh, I love the ring and all it's sparkley sparkles! I can see why it would be distracting :) I remember getting my engagement ring - I just couldn't take my eyes off my own hand LOL.

Good luck with your 120 day challenge!

GORGEOUS ring! so classy and simple... it's beautiful and will be beautiful forever. sparkly!!!!!

AMAZING choice. good job, fiance chris!

Ohhhhh Kerri i got the cell pic...not very clear but this pic is way better....Its soooo shiney and perty...Good job Chris or can i say future brother -in- law lol... or is that too soon??? anyways loving it loving it!!!

First of all, happy engagement. My hubby is such a partner and friend and I hope everyone who wishes to be is thus partnered.

On another note - this sounds weird, but when I am dealing with sort of chronic, slightly elevated sugars, I go back to oatmeal for breakfast, with cinnamon and a few nuts, maybe a half a banana. I swear, when I eat oatmeal (not the pre-packaged kind) my sugars stay lower through the day. Go figure. Just thought I'd share my tip!

ooh, pretty ring!

Hi Kerri..this is Demarco.

Your ring is so pretty. I am going to buy my Mum a diamond one day.

I have your card in my spiderman wallet next to your picture!

Lots of love


Hi Kerri..

I really need a crash course in what insulins you use in the US and how they differ to what we have here. They are probably the same product, just different drug names.
And...so when I talk to Shannon and read your blog..I'm bot having heart palpitations when I read that your bsl is 60, because when Demarco was diagnosed, he was 32.9 mmol/L and hanging on for dear life. I am going to find a conversion chart as soon as I'm finished here!

Your ring is so divine. I am sharing in your happiness here because my ring finger is BARE.

Congratulations to Chris for getting such a fine woman to spend his days with.

Kate and Demaroc

hey there - re the symlin comment above - everyone I know who uses it was not using CGMS when they started, so don't be scared off it for that reason :)

Soooo pretty!

Beautiful ring! Lucky you:)

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