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Isopure - I So Sure?

When I think of draping myself in all white for my wedding, it's a thrilling thought at first.  I mean, this is my wedding dress we're talking about and I want to feel as princess-picture perfect as possible. 

Cutting rudely back to reality, I realize that all-white isn't exactly the most slimming ensemble.  "Princess-picture perfect" doesn't include feeling a little squashy.  I also realize that the last few weeks have been a blood sugar madhouse, with all kinds of extra calories being consumed and exercise routines interrupted by lows.  Oh, and summer is coming, bringing with it bathing suit season. 

Taking these facts into account, I am looking to tone up my body and keep my health and fitness goals on track.  From experience, I know that my blood sugars stay a little more stable when I'm consuming fewer carbohydrates.  But oh man do I love Wheat Thins and granola bars and all that starchy stuff.  I'm a carb-a-holic, for sure.  The afternoons have been difficult for me because I'm very hungry and always reaching for something sweet or starchy.  I was on the hunt for something to serve as an afternoon interlude, filling my stomach without affecting my blood sugars or instigating a need for new pants.

So I'm trying out a new thing that I picked up at Vitamin World - Isopure.  I-So-Trying-This.

It's a whey protein mixture that has 50 grams of protein and zero grams of carbohydrates, intended for use as a snack replacer for me in the afternoon, when I'm most carb-craving.  Chris and I reviewed the different kinds of whey proteins and, after considering the factors I was juggling, decided that this would be a good product to test out.  (If you've used something different that worked for you as a meal replacement, pass it on.  I'm all for trying out new things.)

I went with Pineapple-Orange-Banana flavored, because I thought it would be the most like Jell-O.  (Only not red.)

And I was right.

I just tested at 193 mg/dl but I'm starving ... so I decided to lace in a correction bolus and enjoy a glass of Isopure as my snack.  Mixing it at my desk was a bit of a hassle, since I brought a stash of it in a tupperware container and definitely let loose with a few granules when I was trying to pour the scoop into my glass of water.  After mixing it up vigorously with a spoon, I took a sip and realized that this tastes exactly like Jell-O, which I love, so it was easy to drain the glass.  And now I do feel sort of full and satisfied, so hopefully this is a good sign.  Anything to keep my carbohydrate intake and blood sugar swings to a minimum.  Oh, and to protect my hips from expansion.

More updates on this little experiment as I keep at it.  And onward towards an all-white ensemble next spring, complete with a decent A1c! 


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Sounds like something I need to try! I'm a serious snack-a-holic and something like this could help. I hope it works for you! Can't wait to see updates on how it's going. :o)

I have one word for you:


You will have an intimate relationship with that item on your wedding day.

I loves me some jello so this might be something I check out too!

I will continue checking in with you on this.

You probably know this already, but protein isn't necessarily "free." An excercise physiologist told me this last year: protein, if not used, can turn to fat. Turns out that there are calories in protein.

When I bet my boyfriend a plazma tv that he couldn't take off 30 lbs in 3 months, he proved me wrong by keeping his protein- and fat-intake to a healthy minimum while running, etc. Which in turn hurt my wallet, but it was nice to have the athletic guy back.

The fact is that people who train and need to add weight to their frame will increase protein intake; and (in extreme cases) those trying to make weight (for races like marathons or wrestlers or body builders) will cut protein in days leading up to events to keep weight off.

It's generally not easy to find this info, but here's a link to the Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/protein-shakes/AN01332

Although, maybe you've reduced your protein throughout the day, in which case this is a moot point.

I've been a type 1 for ten years and I can totally relate to late afternoon hunger...and the bowls of m&m's around the office don't help. For me, working out mid-day, and eating a later lunch will get me through the afternoon and on to dinner. Warm drinks like tea also really help me if I'm waiting out a high reading.

One last note: I'm watching my own protein intake because extra protein puts added strain on my lovely, but hard-working, kidneys. Doc advised me not to overdue the protein to keep microalbumeria at bay. Don't know if this applies to all type 1's, so you might want to check with your doc or nutritionist.

Ivory is much kinder to those of us paler than some! Squashy is still a less than ideal adjective for the day.
You go, girl!

Shannon made me laugh. lol

Empire waists all the way, Keri. Mine kept the gained-5-pounds-from-pre-wedding-stress (and snickers!) from showing. Plus, you'll feel like a princess.

Unless you have been in the shoes of the carb addict, it is difficult to know how one good (or bad) carb seems to lead to another...and thus more calories overall, and harder to control blood sugar.

Kerri, best of luck in using this strategy. Please keep us posted!

Somehow, I picture you as an ivory girl... (Like I was.)

You look so slim in your photo - what are you worrying about? I wore ivory, it definately made me look less pale.

Carrots and celery with low fat cream cheese are good but boring after a while. Herbal tea, too. I think we get bored of anything we eat too regularly, for instance I can't touch 'glucose tablets' when I have a hypo anymore.

For the record, I loved my wedding dress because it actually made me look like I had the waistline I've always wanted. I think that's what everyone should look for in a wedding dress. The longline bra didn't hurt either. :)

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