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Meter Discrepancies.

Onward to our wedding!The Good:  I think Chris and I have found the perfect place to have our wedding reception.  We spent Sunday afternoon in Newport, RI, met with Charles the EPE (Event Planner Extraordinare), and toured a place in Newport that would be perfect for our reception.  Grinning from the excitement of finding a place big enough to accomodate our guest list and beautiful enough to be our first stop as husband and wife (wow ... that actually blows my mind to write out), we have made the first big step in planning our big wedding.  Now when do we get to sample cakes? 

The Bad:  A nasty little blood sugar weekend, giving me a two day average of over 200 mg/dl.  Ridiculously high - the kind of meter readings that you look at and you feel the need to test again just to confirm that you are indeed that high. 

Strange thing, though:  I tested once and came in at 441 mg/dl.  (Holy shit.)  Feeling high but not believing I was that high, I tested again.  249 mg/dl.  Hmmm... third time's the charm:  312 mg/dl.  For some reason, my One Touch UltraSmart meter flaked out on me and gave me very variable readings.  My hands were clean and my meter was calibrated - what the hell?  Taking the middle reading as the "average," I corrected for the 312.  But I am rattled by the big discrepancies between readings. 

I need a diabetes revamping session.  I'm pretty burnt out at the moment.

The Mission:  I have been holed up in random Westport Starbucks locations for the pFinish your damn book, Kerri!!ast few days, and that is where I will be found until the end of May.  Eventually, the staff at these locations will throw me out for spending so much time in their establishments, taking up a full table with my laptop and notes, and nursing the same coffee for h-o-u-r-s.  I am determined to nail down the final phases of this book draft, and I'll be damned if June dawns and I'm still spinning my wheels.  It's not so much writer's block as it is just making time to focus.  Work, wedding, and Life in General are bustling at the moment, so Book has unfortunately taken a back seat to the fray.  However, I will finish this draft within the next 30 days, mark my words.  I almost need to dare myself to finish it. 

Or perhaps double-dog dare myself.   


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Have you calibrated your meter? That could explain the big swings in readings.

Also, Jeff bought the Ultra One Touch Mini. It's really narrow and takes a smaller drop of blood. I love small things.

Dare I say triple dog dare you...hahaha
-good luck

i tested 7 meters with the same drop of blood once. yeah i need to get out more, the results were all so different. quite scay realy.

That's scary to think that our meters are that much off at times. It's extremely scary that we don't test it more than once every time and we may not be getting a true reading!

With so many things going Kerri, it is a wonder you have time to tell us all about it!

I love hearing you make wedding plans, that is so freaking cool!

I have an endo appointment in a few days, thus I'm in the middle of a re-vamping session. It's amazing how much control improves when you have to write everything you eat and sugars down on paper. It makes me wonder why I'm not this detailed all the time.

Ya, that is worrysome that there can be such discrepancies between the higher numbers - remember when machines would just say 'Hi' if your glucose was over whatever the number was?!?

That's crazy about the variations in the blood sugars. Makes you wonder about all meters in general ?!?

Congrats on finding the perfect reception spot - how exciting! I love reading about your wedding plans - makes me think of when we were planning our own wedding ... I actually had fun doing it :D (and sounds like you are too!)

Very cool.

Love the good, A big "argh" to the bad. Thanks for saving us from the ugly. ;)

Good luck with the book!!

Hey Kerri...Don't worry your not the only one that had a HIGH weekend...:( my average sugars on Saturday were like 230mg/dl. and on Sunday 204mg/dl...yet friday was 128mg/dl so go figure right..Sometimes things are just wacky like that...ohh and also i hate when my meters do that--with the crazy, not even close numbers..but good luck getting back on track! ttyl

That happens about the meter different readings. I wonder was it a warm or hot day when you did the meter reading. One time, left the meter in the car while on vacation and was a hot day and wondered if that messed up the readings. That was one of my guess that might have messed it up. I like Shannon's thought about calibrating it again. I will have to try to remember that the next time. So exciting about the wedding planning. Ahh..Starbucks, that is a great place to kick back and not be distracted. It can be wonderfully distracting at home. Have you tried an espresso with extra foam milk with splenda?

ahhh, Newport. :)

I've taken some inspiration from you and am going to attempt to write the first draft of the novel/novella/long short story going around in my head for months...by Labor Day weekend. Even if it means not participating in work activities that could further the career I don't really want...

Ahhh the stress. I had a spike this weekend. 131 before I left my house. 20 minutes later (and 1 car crash [NOT my fault!]) I was 262. I hate days like that.

Sounds like the wedding plans are coming along nicely :)

As for the meter - how old is it? Does it have a battery that needs replacing?

I don't mind pricking my finger to check my blood but I really get mad when I move too fast and get an er5 message because the meter wasn't ready!!!

Don't forget about batteries. I have found that when the meter battery begins to die, I will get very scattered results. For that reason, I change the battery in my OneTouchUltra every 6 months.

I just received a letter from our prescription provider saying that One Touch Ultra vials may have holes in them allowing moisture and air to get in and ruin the test strips - giving false high or low readings. eeeks. Just a little bit more inconvenient than melamine in my chicken....

I've retested a number of times on my Accu-Chek Aviva, and have retested on other Accu-Chek Avivas. Almost always, it is within 5% on the same meter, but has a larger varience from meter to meter. But once it did a wild swing. I think my hands weren't clean

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