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Photo credit to Debiotech.

The Nanopump from Debiotech.   

I must admit:  I love that they are showing the size of this thing against a stack of sugar cubes.  (No, not the band that Bjork used to be in, although she is very cool and reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog.)  After reading a few releases, checking it out at Amy's, and then receiving an email from an F.R. in the United Kingdom, I couldn't resist a post-ling about it. 

(Post-ling - noun. "mini post")

The pictures I found didn't exactly show how the pump would look, but more how tiny the actual insulin facilitator is.  My fashion-curious self couldn't help but wonder how big the hub for this Nanopump would end up being.  I found a picture at the Diabetes Mall that gave a better representation of how this technology could end up looking once it's on the market. 

Photo credit to Diabetes MallThe pumping mechanism itself would be attached to your skin and you would control the hub by means of a remote, much like the Omnipod system.  Various websites have mentioned that this system could hold maybe 5ml of insulin - that's over 16 days of use for someone like me who is taking about 30u of Humalog a day.  Even if the pump can hang tough that long, would my body be able to play host to one infusion site for that many days? 

As Amy already mentioned, it could be years before this thing even hits test phases in the United States.  But I can't help but become excited about the idea of a pump that lays so flat against my skin that I can barely detect it underneath my clothes.  As my Paradigm 512 rests quietly in my pants pocket this morning, I notice the overall mass of my current system.  It would be very nice indeed to have a crafty little MiniPump - aPhoto credit to Diabetes Mall pump-ling? - to assist me in navigating my diabetes management.

I remember using blood sugar meters that took 120 seconds to count down results, basing readings off the color patterns on a spongy test strip.  I remember playing Bill Nye the Science Guy in the bathroom with test tubes of urine, what appeared to be Paas egg coloring tabs, and eye-dropping urine to see if my blood sugar or ketone levels were elevated.  I used pig and cow insulin.  These management methods were in use when I was first diagnosed.  Now, 20 years later, we've come so far with technology.  Wireless insulin pumps?  Smart-fabrics to detect neuropathy?  The promise of teeny insulin pumps?  Amazing developments.

While we hope for a cure, I'll take these tremendous advancements in the meantime.


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Hi Kerri.....When you were using Porcine or Cow derivative Insulins, you were at least getting the C-peptides that were protecting you against Diabetes related complications which are missing from the current Insulin analogues of today. C-Peptides have more uses than as a bio-marker for Insulin availability. It was/is just cheaper for the Pharmaceutical companies to develop insulin in the current way they are doing, However the result is the missing ingredient of C-peptide which is of vital importance to T1DM management and health.

Before you know it, management will be so low maintenance.

Whatever it takes to make it so diabetes is hardly detectable as a part of our daily routine....I'm all for it!

It's nice to see the leap in technology. Is it just me, or do you notice that some of the best ideas come from overseas? It seems like here in the US, all the research goes to fund erectile dysfunction research! LOL

Hey Lea, there is nothing wrong with that! :)

Anyhow, This is very cool Kerri. It is just nice to know that stuff is a comin down the line.

And seriously, everyone just thought I was nuts becuase I was LMAO about the sonic thing. LOL

Great post - what I always try to focus on when I'm down. Peeing in a cup wasn't so bad, but the fact that it gave you no useful information was.
They didn't even have glucose tabs in my early years - told us to "eat a candybar" (and now I know that I metabolize chocolate very slowly).
The tech. advances will continue to bloom exponentially and for that I am most thankful.

Actually, I thought and think that Einar Örn is better than Björk. *Much* better.

BetterCell -- those evil pharma companies, how dare they! Withholding the vital C-peptide! We'll all die!

Oh, wait. I am still alive. Hmmm .... perhaps the C-peptide is not as vital as all that?

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