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Pump, O Pump

Pump, O Pump, you are number one.

When it comes to my sugars, you sure get things done.

For so many years, I took gobs of injections

“Too many,” I thought, after one night’s reflections.

I called up my doctor, jumped through some hoops,

Nagged my insurance and rallied the troops.

You showed up one weekend, arrived by FedEx,

Your buttons were tricky, your innards complex.

Yet we worked hard together, me and my pump,

To become familiar and get over the hump.


And now, ah now, O Machine on my Hip,

You’re as much my routine as a bloody test strip.

I am the Wallace to your savvy Gromitt.

When I’m feeling high, buttons beep and you’re on it.

My blood sugars fall from their highs with such ease

As the tubing snakes down from my thigh to my knees.Pumping poem.  Ah!

You sit, small and patient, at rest in my sock,

Sending units of insulin right round the clock.


Of course, we’re not perfect, our little D-Team,

There are times when you make me so mad I could scream.

When your tubing is kinked or your cannula bent,

I think about all the of the money I spent

On your infusion set goodies or IV prep wipes,

And all of pricey insurance-based gripes.

But then I see numbers, like my A1c,

(Which one time were bouncing, but now it's held steady)…


I’m reminded of why I chose pumping for me -

To help keep myself healthy for as long as can be.



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How poetic, well done! I see a pump in my future (currently reading "Insulin Pump Therapy Demystified" by Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer)
and need to decide which is best for me... seems like a lot of hoops to jump through for sure. All worth it in the long run I am hoping.

LOL! That's great! Really creative. If only I was as poetic. I love reading your blog. Your posts always make me smile. :o)

Too cute. Thanks for the grin!

I really enjoyed this post. It made me grin ear to ear. :-)

Very good Kerri! What a fun post to read... you've definitely captured the essence of pumping :)

Bravo, Kerri!

aww!! that was awesome!!! I always love reading your blog Kerri, you are such an inspiration and soooo creative!!

I think I will read my pump your poem, just so it knows how much I appreciate its help ;) Seriously, I was talking to my roommate just yesterday about how miserable I would be right now in the stress of my last semester of my senior year of college, if I didn't have my pump and my newfound ability to sleep in...

Kerri, you are such a bright light for this disease. I could not wait to show this poem to my son. He had a crappy day at school yesterday with kids teasing him, and understandably, was in a blue mood. His face lit up when he read your poem.
Thank you for brightening our day!

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