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Reader Response - Her Own Pump Poem

From the ol' mailbag.I received one of the best emails EVER yesterday, from Kymberly in New Jersey, in response to my poem - Pump, O Pump. Here it is:

Hi Kerri, my name is Kymberly,
I've had diabetes since 1973.
Found your site doing an internet quest:
"Where to put a pump when wearing a dress".

Saw your post today about your pump
And had to email, cuz' I'm in a slump.
Have taken injections for 34 years
And the ever-imbedded cannula is what I fear.

The doctor says that it's my decision
But a lower A1c he can envision.
It's something I long for - tighter control,
A long healthy life is the ultimate goal.

Your website answers alot of my questions
Along with giving helpful suggestions.
Figure I've got to give the pump a 3-month trial
To see if the partnership is friendly or hostile.

Diabetes can be so easy while other days it's a curse,
But I always remember I could have it worse.
I prick and I test with the goal of perfection
And feel like I failed when it doesn't meet expectation.

So just wanted to write and tell you "hello",
Congratulations on your engagement to your beau.
I'll keep checking your website to see what you wrote
And I'll let you know if the pump gets my vote.

Kymberly McDonald
from Texas but living in NJ."

If you have any tips to offer up to someone who may be teetering on the edge of deciding to pump, have at it!


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I'm not a poet, and I know it.

Please decide to pump
You will prevail.
Always strive for perfection
But it's OK if you fail.
A pump is awesome,
Son and I love it lots.
It makes management more convenient unlike when receiving shots.
He can eat whenever he wants.

A pump is so cool.
It's a fabulous tool.
You can either stayed tethered to it or not when you go in the pool.

Diabetes management is a tough thing to do no matter what route you take.
But a pump is certainly the best choice to make.

Forgive this bad poem.
I wrote it on the fly.
It's the best I could do in the blink of an eye.

I would HIGHLY recommend checking out a pump. I can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better.

Might I also suggest writing a blog. That has helped as much as pumping!

I was gonna rhyme but after Shannon's bit, I knew my attempt would sound like !@%$&.

I don't think bad poetry will help convince the husband...as funny and clever as it is. le sigh.

LOVE the PUMP! Changed my life as a woman with diabetes. Had a very successful pregnancy with it, eat when and what I want and I have never had so much flexibility!!

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