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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Photo credit to BostonDirtDogs.com

I walked up the sidewalk from my car towards the parking lot as the sun rose behind the train station.  The street was bathed in a golden, early morning light and everything seemed calm and peaceful.

I approached my building and saw some people standing outside, milling around in their red jackets.  Familiar blue caps with the red "B" stitched to the front.  And before these heroes was a pile of beer as they waited for their bus to take them to Boston for opening day.

I couldn't help myself.

"Excuse me?"

The oldest man in the bunch turned to look at me, a soft look of understanding in his eye.


"I'm sorry, but am I seeing things?  Are there really a bunch of Red Sox fans outside of my western CT office?"

His face eased into a smile and he put his hand on my shoulder.

"Yes.  We're here."

"I'm from Rhode Island.  I love the Red Sox..."  It was all I could choke out.  I am constantly surrounded by Yankees fans (I'm marrying one, for crying out loud) and Mets fans out here in western Connecticut ... was I really seeing my beloved Sox fans?

He laughed.  The rest of them quieted and leaned in, like monks in red jackets.

"We're here, my child.  You're never alone."

Then the crew of them errupted in laughter.  They offered me a beer.  I respectfully declined, thanked them for making my day, and went into my office, proud of the pack of wild Sox fans that waited for their Boston-bound buses. 


Go Sox!!!


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I must give Sox fans points for being faithful. I'm a Cardinals fan.

I am a Mets fan, but since I root for the Mets and anyone playing the Yankees I often find myself rooting for the Sox.

Also my dream is to watch a game in Fenway Park. I've heard it is the best. Hope the Sox win the pennant!

Go Sox! indeed....

I managed to find "Papi's Pizza" out near Seattle - the owner was from Mass and moved out there some time ago. T-shirts for the place had the usual Yankees Suck! on the front with their ad on the back. Inside was full of memoribilia. They even had "grinders" on the menu! (with an explanation of what that was underneath)

And I think there were more Sox fans at the Red Sox-Mariners games.

We're everywhere.

Go Sox!! :)

I'm a life-long S.F. Giants fan, but I have a soft spot for the Red Sox. We caught a game at Fenway when I was 12... what an amazing place!

Chris must be pretty wonderful for you to overlook his fondness for the Yankees! Maybe you can convert him?! :)

Jeff and Brendon are Mets fans.

I cringe when Brendon starts mouthing off to Red Sox fans about how much the Sox suck.

I tell him "You're in Red Sox country, son....be careful about what you say!"

Best. Story. Ever. Well, best Sox story ever. The residence campus of my college is just down the street from Fenway. The campus is surrounded by 6 foot fences which they lock at 11pm and for Sox Games. Needless to say, I was locked out this afternoon. Damn (gotta love) those drunken Sox fans.

Wait, this is news.

You're marrying a Yankee fan!! Are you SURE this is the right man for you? :-)

Yeah, Bernard, I asked her that, too, and so far, she's failed to answer. *glare* If I find out you're raising any possible future children you two may have as Yankees fans, there will be hell to pay. Hell.

But they sure spanked the hell out of the Mariners. Niiiiiice. :D Go, Sox!!

I can't help it - consider me blinded by love. How else can I explain this union?

And trust me, these future children will not be Yankees fans. They will be spoon-fed the finest BoSox factoids, including the one about the guys who went diving for the piano. :)

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