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Thanking You.

I was joking at work today about how I didn't want to have my picture as my instant messenger avatar because I was looking to preserve my anonymity and privacy.

"You?  The blogger?"  My co-worker laughed.

And it caused me to think about just how much of my brain is online for the world to poke around in.  Sometimes I feel very self-conscious about it.  All these thoughts about diabetes and how it makes me feel, how it affects my life, my friends, my fiance, my job, my ability to consume mass quantities of juice ... all of it.  I kept these thoughts to myself for so many years that to finally have found comfort with sharing them is startling when I stop to think about it.

I thought about how much more my family knows about living with diabetes as a result of having this little portal into my heart.  How much more my friends have learned without me having to say a word.  How my then-boyfriend, now fiance, has realized how much of my life diabetes touches.  How much of his life diabetes touches.

There is a definitive power to blogging, but it has nothing to do with statcounters and comments and accolades.  It's about sharing these feelings and forcing myself to deal with these emotions, how that has truly kept diabetes from being an isolating force in my life. 

So, as I've experienced some difficult diabetes moments in the last few days - struggling with workouts, waking at 5 am to the dull thud of a low blood sugar, and a general feeling of frustration - I am reminded that I owe all of you an enormous thank you.  Thank you to the people who are reading, to those who are blogging along side me, and to those of you who take care of us. 

(Yes, Sausage.  Even you.) 

Siah Sausage


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Kerri, I hope that blogging has made you stronger because your blogging has certainly done that for others. I know it is odd to have your life and emotions spilled out there and I hope that the good has been worth the weird.

No, I think it's us who should be thanking you. You've helped us make those rough diabetes easlier to deal with, you've given people an outlet for letting out their emotions and not have to worry about being judged, you've made so many people laugh at this pain-in-the-ass diaease, but most importantly (at least for me) you've given hope, hope that things will turn out ok. Reading this blog has helped me through one of the roughest times in my life. Thank You, Kerri.

I really like you Kerri!


You are welcome Kerri.

I think most of us feel the same way. I know that I do. Blogging has changed my life in so many ways.

Thank you Kerri!

It makes the world a better place when people can reach out and touch each other's hearts and minds with different ideas, perspectives and insights. The internet (blogging) makes the chance to do that so much more convenient and intricate.

I've learned things through your blog and the other's about what Brendon's life will be like as an adult that I would never have learned otherwise.

I feel like I'm on Fantasy Island seeing what my future will be like in that mirror that Ricardo would show the vacationers.

Kerri THANK YOU so much!! I feel sometimes as I read your posts, you are talking about exact instances in my life (except no one is writing in my PB HAHA!)


Your sausage looks like my bug! Yay for grey kitty love.

I agree Kerri.

I find the blogging and interaction with all of you wonderful people so very therapeutic. It is amazing how much communicating helps.

The feeling is mutual! I cannot tell you how many times a diabetes issue has surfaced in our home, and I can't find the right words of wisdom to help my little guy...until I come here! Thank You for all you do!!!

The great thing about it is that the OC blogosphere is a highly reciprocal thing. Express yourself, give support, get support, feel a part of something larger than yourself.

No one wants to feel alone in this challenge, and you are such a vital part of this community, Kerri.

So, you are welcome and THANK YOU!

No, Kerri, thank you.

Just checking in on the comments here, and I do so appreciate the "thank you" sentiments back. You guys are too nice. :) It's amazing to feel embraced by a community like this one.

And Johnboy pretty much summed it up best as far as what's spinning around in my head: the diabetes blogosphere is so highly reciprocal. It's an amazing thing.

(Also, the phrase "your sausage looks like my bug!" is one I never thought I'd ever see, nor would I laugh so hard at it. Thanks, MM!)

Kerri, you are the one to be thanked. If it weren't for your blog, I probably wouldn't have started mine. Thank you.

Kerri..thank YOU! Your blog has givin' me so much to look forward to everyday and has reassured me time and time again that we are not alone in our battle...Its comforting to come home from a bad day, read your blogs, and realize that I'm not the only one having low after low after low or just random unexplainable highs! so thank you for being so willing to share your life with all of us..Im possitive that you have helped many others as well as myself! =)

I'd like to add my "thank you" as well. Like Shannon mentioned - reading about your experiences living with this disease gives me a bit of a glimpse as to what life will be like for Dani when she's an adult.

The blogging community is great - especially when you can connect with others in similiar situations - there's a special bond there and it's comforting to be in the midst of others who can nod their heads and say "I understand."

Keep on bloggin'!

I would like to add my thanks here as well! I look forward to reading each day's blog and I often identify with your posts very closely. Thank you!

Kerri - Thank you for introducing so many of us to this community; and for your honesty and openness here. I too feel the sense of comraderie and respect that many others have mentioned in their comments.

On another note - can you email me your number again? There's a whole backstory involving my cell phone and the toilet... But I need your # again...


You're welcome.

And thank YOU, Kerri, for your honesty, humor and insight. :)

no, no. Thank YOU. I think you woke me up a couple years ago to what I could write about (even if it wasn't what I thought I would write about as a younger me). Just you wait for what is to come...

I feel the same way as you! Because of the shop I can be contactable anywhere; I'm here, on facebook, on My Space and sometimes I try to be very careful and aware of what information I am giving out. It's wonderful to be able to share so much and find so much empathy through blogger and My Space as well as valuable contacts but I do also have a fear of opening myself up too much. It's amazing how my diabetes affects my life, my relationships, my friendships and mostly in a good way, people close to me are more aware and my family have benfitted from my health changes - that said the world is getting smaller and there is an African word Simunye - we are one. In the last year I am so pleased I have been blogging and on My Space and more recently facebook because I have met other diabetics through this medium and groups on facebook and that I can promote the book shop. Kerri you are doing brilliantly :)

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