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Things to Try and Things to Avoid.

What I Want to Try:

A constant glucose monitoring system.  Who out there is wearing/has worn one and how can I get my hands on one for just a week?  My blood sugars have a mind of their own sometimes and I just want to peek inside and see what the hell is going on.Here's the part where my pump falls into the rapids.  I really want to try one out for a short stint.

White-water rafting in Maine.  Chris and I are talking about putting some people together and going rafting this summer and I’m all for it.  However, I have no desire to end up floating down the river with a water-logged insulin pump.  Any advice for this sort of adventure?  I am leaning towards disconnecting (for fear of going overboard and ruining such a pricy and necessary medical device) but I don’t want to go untethered because I would still need to keep the pump in the raft with me.  I was thinking switching back to Lantus a night or two before and using an insulin pen for the trip.  I’d be the pump-less wonder for a few days.  Any insight would be great!

To organize my wedding to-attempt-to-do list.  I’ve been engaged for over a month now and I’ve done nothing but smile.  Seriously.  Nothing.  We have to book a church, a reception hall, and make sense of the forever-tangled guest list.  Not to mention inviting people to be members of my wedding party.  Oh, and dreaming up places to go on our honeymoon. But as far the “to do” list goes, I can happily check off “Grin.”

To pop into NYC next week.  I haven’t been into the city in a few weeks and I’m itching to go visit.  I am craving some delicious Italian food.  I sense a two-fer. 

Breathing.  It’s been busy lately. 

What I Want to Avoid:

Stress.  With dLife work and personal work edging towards an all-time frenzied pace, I need to make sure I find a little zen-like place and nestle myself inside.  This means stickingFond farewell, chai tea. with the aggressive gym routine because I feel so much better after a good workout.  This may also mean cutting back on the coffee/tea consumption, as it just makes me feel completely out of my mind.  Farewell, sugar-free chai tea!  I will miss you the most.

Being awake all night.  I need to get to bed before the wee hours.  It can't be adding to my level of productivity to be up until one or two in the morning. 

Cat hair.  Oh dear lord these cats are revolting.  I am a domestic goddess, using my super-cool, environmentally friendly vacuum at all hours of the day.  Sausage is the bane of my existance, flopping herself all over the floor as soon as I make a pass with the vacuum.   

Damn cat. 

Oh, and my infusion set is behaving itself.  No more unexplained highs or dodgy bits going on there.  I have no idea why it was acting out of turn, but I hope I scared it enough to do it's damn job for a few more days. 


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Don't worry about your "to-do" list yet! Enjoy the grinning! Trust me, you have plenty of time to plan your wedding. When were you thinking about having it? Mine has been a year in the making and it is go time now... T-17 days and counting so I have been a wee bit stressed! So my advice to you is grin as long as you can!!! And enjoy every day of being engaged.

You mentioned wanting to avoid cat hair. You should consider what I have done with Phyllis: take her to a groomer and have them give your long-haired feline a "lion cut" hair cut! Although many groomers have learned the hard way that its tougher to groom cats, Phyllis has always been good for her groomer (provided I am not present when she gets her coiffure). You will be saved from having fur everywhere, and especially during the summer months, your cats will really love their cool new style!

Oh dear lord these cats are revolting. I am a domestic goddess, using my super-cool, environmentally friendly vacuum at all hours of the day. Sausage is the bane of my existance, flopping herself all over the floor as soon as I make a pass with the vacuum.
Damn cat.

Delurking to say...

If you want great Italian food in NYC, and actually have it in Little Italy, go to Casa Bella. I have food allergies, my husband is type one, and they will make whatever you want the way you need to eat it.

Have fun.

On the CGMS front I had a couple of ideas.

1) Some endo's have one on hand for people to use if things are going kinda funky. Mine had me wear one for 4 days (1 sensor, which is supposed to last 3, but people are finding you can stretch that) when I was having trouble with high blood sugars. Mine only had an older version that had a cord instead of a transmitter and you couldn't see the results until you downloaded them at the end.

2) I know Dexcom was having an introductory trial offer awhile back where you could wear it for a week to try it out. I don't know if they are still doing it, but if your endo is saavy and in with the reps they may offer the program.

Hey- I tried the cgms for a week. I sweet talked the rep (who is also a barton girl) to letting me try one. If you want more info- email me at carenmulcunry (at) hotmail (dot) com

My daughter wears a Minimed CGMS and it's AWESOME. I think I sent you the reports showing how accurate it really is.

I agree with the earlier comment that your endo should have a Guardian available for you to use for a few days. Yes, they are technically good for only 3 days, but we've been able to get up to 12 days from my daughter's CGMS.

Early in my pregnancy, I did a CGMS, but it was the kind that you couldn't see the results until after you downloaded it.

I'm sure there are oogles of books that will help you with checklists and figuring out what to do when. I think Mom and I checked some out from the library instead of spending tons of money on them.

How about one of these?

I'm looking to get onto a CGMS as well! Maybe once we're both on it we can swap stories and such.

Try not to stress out too much. It reeks havoc on both sugars, and I tend to break out! :-p

I heartily suggest disconnecting entirely for white water rafting. I was scared not only of a water-logged pump, but of losing it at the bottom of a river. I used very little lantus for that day because of the thrill and excitement.

I was able to do a DexCom trial because of my endo. I guess their office is hooked up with a rep that lets a certain number of patients (per month?) try their system in hopes that they will purchase.

And I am also a big advocate of the 'lion cut' for my cats. :)

Kerri - I used www.theknot.com and it was great. I got married within 4 months of getting engaged so I just stayed on task and the knot gives you deadlines and everything. I used the budget tool and the invitation tool as well.

Ah, Lili beat me to it :) I was going to tell you to check out Aquapac for your rafting trip. Water proof pouch to store your pump.

My daughter went rafting in Taos and disconnected. We have done the disconnect and switch to shots alot and she enjoys the freedom from the pump:) Happy rafting!!

Oooohhh I am jealous of the rafting trip. Definately something on my "To Do" list. Guess it will have to wait until after the baby gets here.


I purchased my Dexcom after a one week trial. It was organized through my endo's office, but I'm sure it was at the Dexcom reps suggestion.

Here's my big warning. If you try this thing for a week and it works reasonably well, you won't want to give it up.

I've been using it for almost a month and I've currently using my 5th sensor. So I'm getting about a week out of each one. And the results are amazing.

So I'd strongly encourage to get a trial, but be prepared to either pay a fair amount of money or be very sad.

Hi Kerri,

Was looking at your picture of the white water rafting. Just so you know I have rafted a few times on the dead river in Maine. It is always a blast! Great time!

Minimed makes a hard plastic waterproof case with belt called a sport case. It is indestructible.

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