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Bird is the Word

Bird plays for Team SUM.The phone rings.

Kerri:  Hello?

Larry Bird:  Hey Kerri.  What's  up?

Kerri:  Dude, I haven't talked with you in ages.

Larry Bird:  (laughing) Yeah, well I've been working on a new workout for you.  I know you've been working out really hard lately.  What's with all the focus?  Did you get engaged or something?

Kerri:  (almost spits her coffee out, giggling)  Larry!  Come on!

Larry Bird:  Of course I already read it on your blog.  Well, congratulations to you and Chris.  So anyway, I've been thinking about some different ways you can mix up your workout, starting with that cardio routine.  Are you still jumping rope?

Kerri:  Ah, not as much as I was before.  But I'll reinstitute that tonight.  I've increased the incline and speed on my treadmill circuit, though.  Still at 33 minutes, of course, Mr. Bird.  But I'm looking to tone up my arms, too.  Any suggestions?

Larry Bird:  Well, try those tricep kickbacks I told you about.  And the tricep dips.  Do your best not to fall over.  I know how clumsy you are.

Kerri:  (blushing furiously but it's a phone call and he can't see it)  I do my best.  I'm just awkward. 

Larry Bird:  No trouble, Ms. Bride-To-Be.  Try those exercises and your tri-s will be fly in no time.

Kerri:  (pauses)  Larry, that last part was ridiculous.

Larry Bird:  I know.

Kerri:  Okay.  Well, thanks for checking in. 

Larry Bird:  Keep it cool, Kerri.  And by the way, thanks for sticking to the 33 minutes of cardio.  You're like the new Eric James Torpy.  Later.



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Oh my. What can I even say about that one...

(smirking unsurely)

Scott, welcome to my fictional little world, where Larry Bird is my friend and personal trainer. ;)

Oh Kerri, to even have an ounce of your creative brain power and imagination. lol Does Chris get jealous at all about Larry being your personal trainer?
Hope your having a fantabulous Wednesday!

Ugh, I totally suck at tricep dips.

I prefer tricep dumbbell extensions (lower and raise the dumbbell behind the head). Or tricep pulldowns, if you have access to one of those machines with the overhead pulley.

I am just waiting for Larry Bird to *actually* discover your blog one day and call you up... Methinks you would pass out from the shock.

LMAO. You're good with dialogue. I could've believed that was a real conversation.

LOL - Fly Tri's huh? Larry is the man!

I think I'd pay money to be there if Larry Bird called you.

Tricep dips. Yuck. And what is a tricep kickback?

Oh, and thanks a lot for the blog title. Now I have that damned song stuck in my head.

hahahaha wow...thats awesome kerri! You are sooo creative. good luck with those tri s lol =)

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