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Sore Subject.

After my shower last night, I sat in my bathrobe and primed the pump for a new infusion set.   Chris was home in CT for the evening, so we were chatting as I wiped the IV prep along my thigh and checked the tubing for pesky little air bubbles.

"Sure thing, I can bring you to the train station in the morning,"  I said, and the infusion set inserter sprang forth with a shunk and the infusion set needle dove into my leg.

Disclaimer:  Usually, changing my infusion set site doesn't hurt.  Most often, it's a little pinch and maybe a little bit of soreness when I bolus for the first time, but usually it's hardly noticable. 

This site change, however, stung like a sonofabitch. 

I pulled back the Quick-Serter and threw it on my desk.  "Be right back." 

Walked into the bathroom, gritting my teeth and feeling the infusion set imbedded in my muscle with every step.  I shut the bathroom door, turned on the overhead fan, leaned against the sink and let loose with a soft slip of the foulest curse words I could muster. 

After a few minutes, the pain ebbed away a bit and I could walk okay.  I went back in to the office.

"You okay, baby?"  Chris asked.

"Yeah.  Man, that infusion set was a nasty little one.  It stung like mad!"

Last night in bed, every time I rolled on my side, I felt the sting.  This morning when I bolused for my breakfast, it felt like fire.  But my blood sugars appear to be just fine, so it's not a question of absorption.  It's now become a question of my Stubborn Self, rearing her ugly head once more.  I could pull the set right now and replace it with the back up one I keep at the office. 

"You can't feel it now, Kerri.  You're fine."  Internal Motivational Speaker wakes up from her nap and stretches her arms over her fictional head.  "Just leave it until tonight and change it after you get back from the gym." Ahhh!  The stinger?

I'll wear this insulin pump 24 hours a day.  I'll make it a part of my life.  And I'll even spend all that money on the blasted supplies.  But this sting?  This hot sting that makes me feel like I have an irate bee trapped in the leg of my pants?

Forget it.  It's not worth it.

I'm pulling the set at lunch. 


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Why suffer? I know each set is expensive, but to go through one set in pain is not worth the money.

I'm glad you're going to change it!!

If CSSI (continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion) is going to be the route that diabetes industry keeps pushing, then there needs to be more serious consideration to these issues, some of which could be resolved with a semi-permanent "port" system which would not only eliminate the need for infusion sets but also the need for insulin analogs since insulin would feed directly into the bloodstream, cutting the time before regular insulin starts working to a matter of minutes (as opposed to hours with current analogs while also reducing the tail of activities to half the current time via subcutaneous delivery).

However, Disetronic's (now AccuChek's) Diaport system seemed to have stopped clinical trials since being acquired by pharmaceutical giant Roche back in 2003. The reason? It was never disclosed, but I'd bet it was because the Diaport system might compete with Roche's diabetes treatments, thus they stopped the research dollars into that.

I am too cheap. I have had a few sets with that awful sting and just torture myself. As soon as I put in a new one I usually think "why did you wait?" so I am glad you are changing that site. Don't deal with unnecessary pain.

I have had an irritating set before with my Minimed but never a really painful one as of yet!!! Of course I have only been using my pump for a little over a month. When I used to inject myself 7 times a day there were many more painful injections than I have ever experienced with my pump. The quick serter does it so fast and it really does not hurt--to those who may not believe me I am sorry. Once you start using a pump you will never want to inject yourself with a needle again!!

International Motivational Speakers have to get their jollies somehow. I know mine (I'm an MDI-ite) pushes me to keep injecting when the needle has stung on first touch and I KNOW it's going to sting more as the injection continues.

I'm still working on a way to get my own back on the vindictive little swine.

Just browsing the net, very interesting.

Any pain that you can get rid of you should get rid of. Rip out that set!!! And try to enjoy the rest of your day. :)

I've been saying forever that the pump companies should sell the cannula part of the sets in bulk. We could all have a jar of them on the counter and not have to break up a whole set to replace. I do tell MM everytime I order new supplies. I cringe every time my son slides into a base or slides down the ice playing hockey.

Change that baby! I've learned to change sites that sting like that as soon as I put them in. If it hurts, the absorption will probably be different even if it's not at first, at least for me. Everytime I've left in a site that hurts more than that little sting, I've had problems at some point with erratic blood sugars - and there is almost always blood in the cannula, which means it's not where it's supposed to be.

Even if your blood sugars aren't messed up initially, they're likely to get messed up, and dependability is one of the most important parts of taking insulin.

-A 6-yr pumper on a 3 month hiatus due to scar tissue (rotate your sites!), and missing my pump SO much

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